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VTEC just kicked in, yo!

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you guys really need a sense of humor. explanation as of below


VTEC (which stands for Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) is an electronic and mechanical system in some Honda engines that allows the engine to effectively have multiple camshafts. By having two or more camshaft profiles, low-end torque, and top-end horsepower can be realized. It was first featured in the 1992 Acura NSX and 1992 Honda Prelude VTEC. It was later made famous by the popular Fast N Furious Movie when the Korean guy w/ the S2000 won the Jetta 1.8T.

VTEC just kicked in yo!


Hugely popular meme originating from the /p/ board on 4Chan (Primarily used for the posting of photos), like all good memes, it started to die naturally. However thanks to the Virginia Tech massacre, several /b/tards noticed a similarity to the abbreviation of Vtech to that of Vtec, and well you can only guess what happened from there.


For dubious and unknown reasons, Anonymous is not a great fan of the VTEC system in Sony cars, perhaps due to the fact that such engine / speed wankery is solely the domain of idiot, over-privileged children and their love of ricers (Japanese Muscle Cars. See The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift for further elaboration.) Hence, if cars of any import are mentioned, the term "VTEC Just Kicked in, Yo!!111oneoneone" is posted, with accompanying image. RESULT.


you guys should learn to google to find out more about such stuff. and no arguments whether vtec is good or not. gtfo!



VTEC imho, is the BEST NA engine to date [thumbsup]

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and how to explain to cops the next time your car goes turtle...


Quite entertaining lah the pix!!


Hey, the car in the background of the pic in Post #2 looks kinda familiar...not Vtec but an early version of VVti... [thumbsup]

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well i think eventually VTEC is still just VTEC....no one wants to drive a honda forever....and of course move on to bmw m3s porsches.....and eventually the ultimate which is the ferrari and lamborghini......



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Oh pls...........i owned 2 Honda Civics and driven B20 High Cam upstroke engine Civic EK4, K20A FD2R. Dun need to tell me how a VTEC high cam kicks in feel, I owned the 2nd Turbo car to date, and those VTEC just can't beat the Turbo.


On the contrary since you sound so sud, you driven a highly modified Turbo car before?

Sure. You don't know me and I don't know you :)

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The famous Korean guy driving the S2K in F&F who started it all.... [laugh]






And then the guys @ FinalGear.com decided to have a go as well ....



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