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215/50/17 - Kumho Ecsta PS31 vs Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2


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Hankook Noble S1 Noble2 is the OEM tyre for 1.6NA Civic FC. I only clocked 20km(after car collection) in it before changing to Eagle F1A3, but seriously I feel that the immediate inital feel and steering response difference is damn big.

Maybe cos I'm biased after seeing the thread pattern of the hankook or maybe the hankook needs a longer bedding in period?

I personally have no confidence in that hankook tyre and I have no comments on PS31 cos I haven't tried yet. Cheers.

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Based on my previous ride on Kumho PS31. wet and dry grip is ok. value for money. As for noise level i think stil acceptable. On the tyres for about 18K still not too bad.

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