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  1. Something to share. Just read an advertisement. A 2 years leasing contract Toyota Noah Hybrid is S$95/day. Then, a 1 year leasing contract Toyota Noah Hybrid is S$99/day. When a recession hit, more will turn to public transport. By the way, Grab is cutting down drivers' incentives. In addition, there is a rumor that MAS is aligning all car loan term. In short, no more 100% loan.
  2. Quite true in in YR2015. But, look at Uber. Burn their hands. Worst, Uber is not making a single cent. I believe this is applying to both Grab and Go Jerk. They are depending on funding. By the way, Grab has reduced their drivers incentives. Now, a few PIs are offering 10 years loan for PHV registered cars. What is the catch? High interest late.
  3. Unless has 200K in the saving account. Otherwise, don't anyhow Chong.
  4. Whenever LTA announce the COE quota, car dealers said it will surge to 70K or 90K. So... Don't worry. Trump will serve 4 more years. Do not forget the hot spot in Middle East. It just started to bite.
  5. One main reason could be new MAS rule for car loan limit is coming soon. It will apply across the board. Plus, demand from Mercedes A Class and BMW 3 serious.
  6. Trump will serve 4 more years. Don't forget the hot spot in Middle East.
  7. Don't worry. Trump will serve another 4 years. Don't forget hot spot in Middle East.
  8. Twich

    2019 12th Gen Toyota Corolla Sedan

    Good thing. There's a sticker. This is to differentiate car owners and ....
  9. COE should be around 30K.
  10. The world has totally changed.....Serious challenge is ahead. Make sure there is 300K in the saving account. And no family commitments.
  11. Heyday is over.
  12. World economy is edging closer towards recession.
  13. It will drop the 3rd round.What is the latest news? Trade war + currency war. Singapore economy will get worse.. It is bad now. Watch our your pay slip....
  14. Don't worry. Trump will serve 4 more years.Now, currency war...A lot of big show is coming..
  15. Trade war + Currency war....