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    Singapore Reckless Drivers Videos

    U can also check by the side windows engrave. Unless the owner go to the extend of changing all 4 Windows to LEXUS. another would be by the road tax disc. 2.4L vs 3L. 2WD vs 4WD
  2. Leroyluo85

    Change Disc Rotors

    wondering how come no one suggested that the vibration could be due to wheel balancing? U can considering going for high speed balancing to see if helps.
  3. Leroyluo85

    Aircon feature in car boot?

    Since TS is asking which car has this feature, meaning u considering to change car? Then just get one with knock down back seat? Or MPV.. Let me guess.... Transporting pet yet don't want to let them in passenger seat? If it's indeed about food freshness/melting.. Guess the cheapest solution is to stop bringing ur whole village to market. Either go alone, or the most 1 other. Save ur backseat for ur whatever item. Viola!
  4. Leroyluo85

    2015 Forester 2.0

    If u want occasional "fun" driving, a subaru can never go wrong
  5. Leroyluo85

    Transmission check

    Is ur accelator by wire or by electrical? Electrical will have a slight lag before the car actually respond.
  6. Leroyluo85

    Need help on parking assist

    Just stick 2 blind spot mirrors on the side to angle is on the back wheel? So u can see it every time when u park..
  7. Aiyah.. Must be new Suzuki or Mitsubishi la... Since they seems to have the lowest sales.. More rare to spot a new plate Suzuki or Mitsubishi than to spot a super car. In this case just go to any reliable workshop will do. No need headache.. Btw, my car also only one in Singapore. Try finding another with the same plate.
  8. Blinking check engine light usually due to misfiring...
  9. Leroyluo85

    Tire alignment results

    Are u on lowering spring? If so, maybe this is the best camber until u install camber kit/bolt
  10. Leroyluo85

    Vios Kiss Sonata

    Bro, you may consider tilting the camera lower (parallel to the ground)... The video is showing 70% sky 30% on the road. Btw, thank god nothin too serious happen.
  11. Leroyluo85

    Impreza 1.5R 5D Q&A

    Don't think it's easy unless u are a mech as coolent needs to be drain out. I used to have this same issue of overheating. Mine happened when I'm caught in heavy traffic or long red light. My problem was the thermostat spoilt with the spring not reacting to the heat and keep at closed position resulting in coolent not entering the engine block. I went for the cheaper solution, modify and cut the thermostat so it's always at open position. Result, no over heating issue again. But then the coolent will flow once I start my engine. So it will take slightly longer to warm up, engine running cooler; too cool. Best solution is still to replace it. It won't cost too much. Btw, I'm driving the same car as yours. Sorry for lengthy reply. Good luck
  12. Leroyluo85

    Impreza 1.5R 5D Q&A

    Can check your thermostat, maybe it's jammed at closed position that's why the coolent didn't circulate and cause overheating issues.
  13. Leroyluo85

    A noob qns about car loan

    I'm also very interested to know how are u getting someone to sign as owner and insurer? Who will be ur gurantor since ur parent not supporting? Also with your pay, how are u going to save up for the road tax if every month u will be dry? Having a car at ur age where most of your friends won't be driving, will u be determine enough to reject sending them home? Or else how u find extra money for petrol for a 2.0l Mazda? Lemon law don't come easy.... Don't expect too much out of it.. Pray hard that u are getting a tip- top condition car. (Which u rare for a 9 year car) remember the tires!
  14. It's cheaper here in Singapore. I have done some research some time back comparing alpine and pioneer full setup, converting the price I get from jb, to sgd, it's more expensive to do it there.