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  1. Dissidence

    Alfa 147 - A Decade...

    Hey bro, look up motorpassion permas jaya
  2. Thanks MazNitro/spzen. Items received in good order.
  3. Dissidence

    Which GPS to buy?

    Bro Adrianli, I remember reading on their blog that they have stopped support for Symbian OS due to 'skeletal adoption' of the OS by mobile users. BTW, I retired the use of N8 4 years ago
  4. Dissidence

    Which GPS to buy?

    For Adroid just got promoted from Beta to Live.
  5. Dissidence

    Which GPS to buy?

    Fans of the old Nokia Maps should be happy to know that the app is still being kept alive by Nokia Apps LLC and is available for download on Android here. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.here.app.maps&hl=en The name of the app has been changed to 'Here'. The app is still free. The interface is simple and includes traffic updates. After installing it a few months ago, I have so far been prompted to update my downloaded offline maps 3 times and application update twice. This goes to show that they are still maintaining the app. For myself, I've been using it offline for my trips up north. It's been really helpful when driving on long stretches of unlit b roads there. Hope that you guys will give it a try to show it some support. Thanks!
  6. Dissidence

    Best way to seat new brake pads well

    I do the same too whenever I change my pads but, I don't come to a complete stop. Just to 'almost stop' then accelerate to 100 again.
  7. Dissidence

    What did you do with your Alfa today?

    You have to put your cats back for inspection and, there can be no weld marks visible.
  8. Dissidence

    Krispy Kreme Donuts..

    I'm sorry but, for my local palate, other local offerings like j.co or even the old Yaohan donut balls taste better.
  9. Dissidence

    Formula One is a dying art in Singapore

    We need a local race track... even if it's an abandoned carpark also can like the old kallang rallies
  10. Local IT executive with 10 years experience in the field here of which 5 years was with 2 Hong Kong dotcom companies. Looking for job now because contract ending soon. Anyone interested?
  11. Dissidence

    What did you do with your Alfa today?

    From what I understand, Singapore agent brought in 120hp 1.6 for 1st gen and 105hp eco engine for the 2nd gen/face lifted. The only one I see in SGcarmart right now is the face lifted one which should mean that the car is 105HP. Could someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks!
  12. Dissidence

    What did you do with your Alfa today?

    Change battery for my A147 day before yesterday. Second boliden battery. Just for everyone's knowledge, lasted me 22 months. Varta used to only last exactly 18 months the 3 times that I used them.
  13. Dissidence

    6 years old boy's eyes gouged out

    poor thing... things can only get from bad to worse for him as he grows older. How can such cruelty exist? What values was the perpetrator brought up on? Who could breed such an animal?
  14. Dissidence

    LTA: More caught illegally altering vehicles

    I'm all 'for' a local race track
  15. sounds like your lower arms are due for a change... have them checked at your regular workshop