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  1. Apple-Tree

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Not unexpected ....... heeee. They took EVERYTHING lor....... Haha
  2. Apple-Tree

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Finally installed the VEP RFID today at Gelang Patah RnR @ 1030 hr slot lor. Second Link Fast lor. https://goo.gl/maps/AYEc6Y46ZZ9Lg6237 From give form to waiting to install to drive out to stop at parking slot and smoking 60mins. There are about 20++ applicant. Google Maps projection of arrival at destination is accurate lor. Where got 30mins can reach from Jurong East??!! Paid RM10 for RFID. - I thought RM20, but everybody is holding RM10 lor. Those forgot to bring photocopy of papers, MAYBE need to pay RM1 per copy (Not Sure, I saw people give RM1 RM1 RM1 to TnG staff wor). Need Internet as officer need you to open the TnG App and show profile - Strange lor, in order to get appt, already need you to register app BEFORE can apply for schedule lor. REMEMBER TO BRING INSURANCE CERTIFICATE and NOT INSURANCE SCHEDULE hor, I think about 2 or 3 or 4 applicant got rejected. Bring copy of Passpork, Confirmation Slip, Appt Tag Slip, LTA VR, Insurance Cert. And ready to run the TnG app from your mobile.
  3. Apple-Tree

    AC Issues

    Wah, so many pattern. Actually, most compressor can only tahan up to 4500~5000rpm max. Beyond that, either the compressor will break or the pressure become too high lor. It is likely that the pressure become too high and the pressure sensor flagged to trip the compressor lor And why pressure become too high, over fill of gas and even oil lor. For me, I hardly or never top up gas or oil lor ...... and when I did, the evaporator died a few months after. Of course, could be aging la, or already leaking. This is really hor, beyond my scope lor..... So, if aircon is already working, why fix it lor. No top up la, cleanse pipe la ..... whatever. What ? Aircon got smell ? Just turn the temp to max for 5~10mins and all smell cooked lor ........
  4. Apple-Tree

    Air-Con Compressor Spoilt

    Try this: https://www.sgcarmart.com/directory/merchant.php?MID=13714 SLT Auto Parts Pte Ltd Profile Products/Services Research User Reviews Map Submit a Review Report Error Edit Merchant Info Share Information 1 Kaki Bukit Avenue 6 #02-09 Autobay @ Kaki Bukit S(417883) (map) 8.30am - 6.30pm (Mon - Sat) 67465618
  5. Apple-Tree

    Air-Con Compressor Spoilt

    I forgot the name heee ...... really. It is at the Roof floor of KB Auto Bay. Very very prominent one, they got 2, 3, 4 shops at the roof level. If you see the sky, you are on the right floor. I remember I called name by name until one guy said, YES, we sell. But we sell by mountains in MOQ 1000pcs. He then go on to give a phone number to call ......... I am that desperate. I go check if I can find the receipt lor
  6. Apple-Tree

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    On Aug 10 evening already slowing down loh. SG side clear very fast 10mins done ....... the 1hour is on the MAL side lor. And yes, cut Q went enter JB, force U to U Turn back. Cut Q went enter to SG, prepare to pay up, they hid and wait for you.
  7. Apple-Tree

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    I also wanted to go in on the 9, but since morning the Q is LIKE THAT lor. Horror. Until 11pm still like that. Abort lor. It is not until 2~3pm then the Q at BKE clear up ?? 10 Aug best. 11 is Haji then 12 is coming home day. If 10 CMI then, next week.
  8. Apple-Tree

    Can't renew road tax - what happened?

    Did you change insurer for this year ? Never have this problem before leh ........ As for as LTA is concern, it is reg date - 1 lor. Keep us updated .... if LTA actually SCREWUP..
  9. Apple-Tree

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    Yesterday like WW3 sia. So today very OK, go in at 1.30pm about 1 hour jam. Wash car at Metro still RM10, then collect Fan, then Shopping, insecticide 2 bottle for RM21 ..... and long long list. Then Dinner ..... 1 hour jam - 8pm coming back. BTW, come across TnG booth at shopping centre. FREE 20k RFID Tag. For ONLY Malaysian car, I asked, SG Car VEP come with TnG Feature wor.....
  10. I heard it rate is about 40~50cts/kWh. Anyway, I park far far away from these cars lor. While there are water sprinkler, WHICH IS WRONG. Trying to put out a Li fire with water may cause explosion lor. The effective way is use SAND or CLASS D Fire Extinguisher lor, which almost none do that. For now, I try to park 1 floor difference between them lor. I assume it is IMPOSSIBLE to burn through concrete, need a Jedi to do that.... haha
  11. Claim ownself and claim 3rd party, the repair is different lor. Claim 3rd party is repair until solid solid while claim ownself is repair until solid lor or at least look solid. I never claim ownself before, but I heard own insurer will open tender for repair lor. Open tender means lowest bidder get lor. Claim 3rd party when the liability is uncleared cause the case to be pending lor or top-up the difference. Like TS, with a PARF80K should have some legal adviser on standby ba ? My new Carens PARF at scrap only 7.5K ........ heeee, I everything OK one.
  12. OK. The year is 2014. Correction it is 6 years old. It is the only time I drive a car for 5 years and still sell at a profit. Market price 40~45K. New carens 68888 in 2008, very famous number Stream and Wish 69888. By 2014 Caren new one cost into 100K ?? PARF is always 10~12K. COE 16++K. I scrapped in 2017 for PARF 9400 lor. It is a chain collision. Front assessment is 18K, owner try to claim 32K - My insurer offered 20K, owner never take up after 6months lapse. Courts case, my insurer let me off the hook. I kept my NCD. All lawyer letter send to insurer. Anyway, never received a lawyer letter before, probably I look cute, honest, down to Earth etc. I am not even pushy lor. I claimed behind 42+5K. Why I need to know ? 1 week of panic, of the total amount claim 19K of liability is UNCLEAR wor. Anyway, it is cleared lor. I only got a 2K++ for loss of use lor. I went to an Authorized Repair Shop, not an Authorized Distributor. I can actually choose an AD, but I didn't lor.
  13. Aiya, when the airbag triggered simply said you at least drive at MORE THAN 40 lor ...... is it 41 ? 45 ? 55 ? Confirmed CANNOT be 39 lor. When you are the surveyor, day in day out is accident watch ...... you can get a good number lor. BCM also very smart one these days..... My carens on expressway ....... 90......ebrake bang. Airbag not triggered lor. The head smashed lor and best 1 or 2 inch gap to the engine lor. So repair hor. 42K, I said I take money as total loss lor. Insurer say no wor. Repair. Actually, repair shop claim ANOTHER 5K said VITAS failed, rear wheel misaligned - Change all. Authorized repair shop. It is a clear sign of speeding lor. Show video lor ? Or CAM suddenly spoil lor. Insurance claim these days is not that straight forward one, it is exact science. Yes. 100% and your airbag is triggered ....... let play. OK. Bro, you are approaching a junction, a car in the opposite already at marked turning bay and stopped. How do you response ? Bro, you are approaching a junction, a car in the opposite is moving slowly into the right turn lane, with good chance of entering a marked turning bay. How do you response ? Is your response the same ?
  14. Apple-Tree

    Cost of travel per 1km for your car?

    Suddenly, nothing is safe anymore. I am starting to ASK for hardcopy bank statement...... Just in case lor.
  15. When you like this write, I assume you already talk a few rounds with the insurer lor, -Total loss because the impact has affected your engine, the repair is going to be extensive lor. It is not just change a brand new engine solve the problem, the chassis crumble zone is also triggered or affected. This is rule one, touch engine, confirmed declared as total loss. -Airbag triggered is another problem, it just said that you are driving at least 40km/h which the car BCM will armed the airbag. You may end up with a less than 100% case lor. If a typical road is 60km/h, crossing at 40km/h is also too fast. If your car is a newer model, the BCM would be smart enough to sense a sharp deceleration not tripping the airbag. They calculate instantaneous speed. -Repair at AD, always problem lor. 65K cannot be just change bumper and some patch work one I think the insurer would have give you a dateline to accept offer, if the offer lapse, then courts case lor. The highest claim I ever done is 42K for my Kia Carens lor ........ 30K on repair, 3k loss of use and rest legal fee. the car is 4 yrs old.