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  1. No problem, but remember to set to Europe for SG instead of America BEFORE setting channels.
  2. Apple-Tree

    2020 Sad to say tampered mileage cars still exist

    Just commenting on TS Thread Title. It can ONLY get worse due to Uber car lor. Not sure if there is a way to check if it was an Uber Car.....
  3. I put FD back in July 2.05% lor, I found it through some Blog on FD. Anyway, they only have a small small issue ...... if you want to withdraw you FD, you need to inform them 3 days in advance lor.
  4. Apple-Tree

    Burnt PCB Air Con

    Note down the PCBA part number and go Aliexpress or online to find lor ..... These days, aircon man only change the whole fan coil lor ..... And since you already show photo like that implied got Kang Fu lor .....
  5. Just came back from Giant TP. Turtle $24, SHU $29 and Meta $18.90. BARU ...... even sell Tyres !!! Kumho PS31 17" $438 .....
  6. Apple-Tree

    Have you ever tried cleaning your MAF sensor ?

    Unless your car is 1995 or before ........ Most cars these days are Thick Film sensor lor ...... it is SELF CLEANING one de. My last Kia Carens 2006 built is already self cleaning lor. And why fix it when it is no broken lor..
  7. Apple-Tree

    Feedback on Safe Driving Course

    I heard red light now is 13 point lor. Is it true ? 12 or 13 ?
  8. AIA lor ......... if really AIA, go change windscreen, FREE film lor....
  9. Apple-Tree

    Singapore Motorshow 9 - 12 Jan 2020

    I finally understand the Audi ADV liao ..... Every Audi adv when ending will have to dong dong sound. I know already. It is the sound of Audi driving over a human bumper ...... dong dong...
  10. Hmmm ....... no expiry date mentioned lor. Anyway, if you are still confident to do the procedure and when things happened and there is no other better volunteer, then go ahead and do it anyway lor. And not do nothing as your cert have expired lor. Welcome to Cert Nation !! I need to occasionally climb a ladder, company kenna left right centre as I am not cert for Work at Height wor .......
  11. Wow ...... I actually got certified when I was 13. Not sure if it is still valid today. It is conducted in RC. 5 certificates in total. Conducted by Civil Defence. Beside Fire Extinguishers type and use, CPR Howto, drowning case, bandage, carry the injured.....They also taught us what happened when during air raid, a 50kg/100kg bomb dropped on a "old" and "new"(Lego) HDB. Should you enter these buildings ? How to enter ? It turned out the "new" lego HDB can handle air raid better ?? (Forgotten). Anyway, that part not examinable, just general knowledge. Anyway, no air raid since 1965......heeee
  12. Hmmmm ......... OK. Very Good. It seems that there are many great soul here ...... Saving Life need Skills one lor, anyhow save could or maybe yield less than ideal results one. Actually, SCDF got FREE first aid course one ...... try it... https://www.scdf.gov.sg/home/community-volunteers/community-emergency-preparedness-programme-(cepp)
  13. Apple-Tree

    Android headunit

    Heeeee ........ Flying Swan brand. It hanged once in a while and 6mths later, I requested a replacement. Their technical support is surprisingly OK, do firmware upgrade laaa. When that failed, I sent back, not the whole unit but the PC board only. From June 2018 until now, never hanged once lor.... Take note that the Android is Android Automotive Edition......so extra features like wheel key etc.... See my thread :
  14. Oh ...... not MTE hor.... Sorry for that. Ya ......... AFTER a major WHOHA on FB, Is-something-gram hor. Anyway, I dont expect these hospitasl to offer much help as they are simply not equipped to handle this type of case lor. I poor man, so it is always a default choice with Garment Restructured Hospital lor. All hospitals in SG generally offered reasonable, rather timely and treatment standards lor. The ONLY difference is the COST lor.
  15. Of course, this is TOTALLY untrue, any trained or untrained public will DO SOMETHING. In one incident, a MT E Security Guard collapse while ON DUTY, MT E IMMEDIATELY attend to this individual in need of immediate medical attention. He is saved with a Bypass ??. The medical bill is also very cheap at 90~100K as reported by ST, ya....