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  1. you must realised nobody or most don't find it funny only the three of you wallowing about something not admirable pathetic here's middle finger to you too PS look at your avatar
  2. This dislike was not given by me. I hope you will consider, I will not elaborate. you also got 1 fan you starting to get jealous because less attention for you is it sometimes it is the only way to get attention why don't you send electric chairs to him too thought you bought a container load from Wal-Mart with two voltages some more 110 and 240 bolts. don't give me that Zen thing be a man love day love ok ok ok ok no snow owl or eagle tomorrow morning ok datuk when you wake up and float outside window please don't forget to wear pants otherwise machik nampak peng sang
  3. Still2016

    Electric Toothbrush

    I remembered Indian barber often tactical while shaving you on a slightly supine position, suddenly you find breathing easier. I realised all you really need is a pair of scissors no need expensive trimmers medically I read the the nostril hair have a function to help keep dirt out too. so does trimming nostril hair leads to some disadvantage I apologise I made a lot of observation this evening about you I feel sorry for your bathroom counter top. Any space left for anything? it seems you have everything best denki has to offer on your bathroom counter top paiseh
  4. Still2016

    Electric Toothbrush

    my big mouthI asked for it, doc
  5. Still2016

    Electric Toothbrush

    Doc I can see the trend you are heading. All deal with openings, if not teeth then hair. Just to prime you first that there is no such thing as a r s e hair trimmer.
  6. Still2016

    PAP New Cabinet 2015! Reshuffle 2017/2018

    Oorrrrrr politics Dare not see, skip
  7. Still2016

    Electric Toothbrush

    I am worried for you. Brush teeth cannot be like wash car.
  8. Personally I would go for eco friendly design. I would build an atap house. Cheap, affordable and anytime can redesign.
  9. bro apologise it is the rational minority will be drown out by the crazy majority
  10. No only gear oil come out He topo wrong hole Jamesc you are a smart businessman Create demand by maintaining anonymous Oops sorry perchar your lobang
  11. Still2016

    PAP New Cabinet 2015! Reshuffle 2017/2018

    Maid got count or not.
  12. Still2016

    PAP New Cabinet 2015! Reshuffle 2017/2018

    People funny. Last time no security say workers disturb girl at void deck or people smoking and drinking. Now showcase what ultimate security can be put in place, many don't like it.
  13. I like your old school approach. But I cannot handle your obsession for cigar. For Rolex why not at most a few hair lost when you take off the watch. Not all (depends also on your genes quality) but most cigarette and cigar smokers help to control the world's population. Is there something that smells in this forum......