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  1. Johnbrown

    Strategies on buying used car

    Is this forum to make fun? Then tell me how much helpful your conversation is "LOL"??? Are people joining this forum to find some"LOL" people like you?
  2. Johnbrown

    Strategies on buying used car

    If you do not find it interesting, then my dear this message is not for you. The needy one will like this.
  3. My favorite is Dacia Sandero, the cheapest way to own a car.
  4. Johnbrown

    Strategies on buying used car

    Taking loan is not good. But when we don't have enough money, but purchasing that particular thing also become so important then we are forced to take the loan. So, I think with the loan purchasing a new car will be more beneficial.
  5. Johnbrown

    Advise needed - damage to car in condo

    This is the responsibility of Condo Park management. You can claim it with some proof, if needed take help from the lawyer.
  6. Johnbrown

    Oh My God! Pet Peeves to Major Hatred?

    When something goes too far into a pet peeve. I approach it in following ways: I for the most part address the pet peeve straightforwardly with the people or individuals causing it. I go up against them straightforwardly and in a thoughtful way concerning why I have an issue with the movement or conduct that is occurring. I avoid the situation that are causing the issue in an innovative and effective manner. Annoyances come in two ways. In the main case, something might bug you, yet that something truly isn't generally a major thing and you simply need to chill. All things considered, get over it, and the sooner the better. Be that as it may, now and again annoyances are a genuine issue - they might influence your efficiency and the profitability of your colleagues. In cases that way, you must make a move. The most ideal approach to manage a genuine pet peeve, regardless of what it is, is to hit it head on
  7. Johnbrown

    GK Detailing - The Approved Applicator for NANONIX

    GK Detailing - you are the professional. I am not any professional, I also do the detailing for my own car. I would like to share about one cleaning tool. I use car vacuum for the interior cleaning. It is very effective cleaning tool so far.
  8. Johnbrown

    Be careful buying from aliexpress

    For buying any parts or cleaners I prefer Amazon. Well, this is also a good source for car merchants. I will remember.
  9. Johnbrown

    Parking Idiot / Parking Fail / Anyhow Park...

    Whoever has parked the car this way, is not only an idiot, he/she is unsocial also. This type of people should charged huge amount of money so that in future they will remember will not place their car this way.
  10. Johnbrown

    Stupid pedestrians cross roads without looking

    As a car driver, our responsibility is to blow the horn to make them alert.
  11. Johnbrown

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    I have not purchased any second hand car, luckily my dad gifted me one brand new Toyota car. But I am not rich ,like my dad ( ). I am interested in second hand car, as I have car rental business. I think having one used car can save my money. But I am doubtful about the material and parts of the used car.
  12. Johnbrown

    Strange sound from engine

    If your car is in warranty period than you must contact the service center, else go to the nearby car showroom.
  13. Good news for car owners in Sinopec. Is there any car detailing service, sometime it requires when we go for a long drive.
  14. Johnbrown

    Repair sliding door

    You can check in the car showroom, and it is better if you go to the showroom from where you purchased your car.