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  1. MatthewOkamoto

    Taobao Headunits

    This is the important question that one need to keep in mind while purchasing.
  2. MatthewOkamoto

    Repair sliding door

    Ok So what your opinion n it?
  3. MatthewOkamoto

    Car seat covers

    One needs to have proper measurement for the cover.
  4. MatthewOkamoto

    Air purifier for car

    XiaoMi Air Purifier is one of the best air purifiers as it provides clean air which is good for the body.
  5. MatthewOkamoto

    Toy collection

    Sure, this is really a good idea.
  6. MatthewOkamoto

    Repair sliding door

    I think, yes even a car mechanic can also able to do that.
  7. MatthewOkamoto

    Toy collection

    Actually, I am more fascinated to games.
  8. MatthewOkamoto

    Washing machine front loading

    I think after using one machine for more than 15 years, one should go replacement in order to avoid emergency repair. As after a certain period of time, old devices unable to maintain a perfect efficiency and required more power to run.
  9. MatthewOkamoto

    Fruits and veggies juices

    If you asked me this question which is your favorite one then I will go with fruit juices as we one can get the balance calories from it which is beneficial for the human body.
  10. MatthewOkamoto

    Engine Oil Change - Vacuum or Drip Method?

    Actually, my father used to do the same method for taking out the oil as its a traditional one.
  11. MatthewOkamoto

    Honda Civic 2007 Repair/Maintenance

    Well I know I am so late to get know this, well have you got your dream car or still you are looking to have this? What about Honda Amaze, I think both has similar design?
  12. MatthewOkamoto

    Toy collection

    Well, hello to all as I am new over here and like to open with you all. This is my all time favorite topic to discuss on. I am Matthew. Apart form I usually like to play racing video simulator game, currently I am on Need for Speed.