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  1. Otgekoo

    Poll: Cruze vs Elantra vs Kia Forte

    That's is why some ppl choose as Toyota can be a good FC cars for their light weight body as Fuel price in sg is rather costly
  2. Otgekoo

    Poll: Cruze vs Elantra vs Kia Forte

    Is there any reason that KIA is a letdown to you?? Just curious to know...
  3. Otgekoo

    COE prices head upwards!

    I feel that CAT A COE should not include taxi as taxi are consider commercial vehicle as compare to CAT A vehicle are private vehicles for non commercial use. Taxis should have their own category. With the Taxis in this cat. ppl who want to buy a vehicle that falls in this cat will have a hard time getting a bid for the COE who some need to top up in order to get the COE. which is pretty unfair as compared to Taxis company using taxi to generate income.
  4. Otgekoo

    COE- November 2010 2nd Bidding Exercise

    COE go up until another economic downturn then it will drop other wise it will remain up.... ....no ppl will change new car but many will change from new to old. ....actually is it recommendable to change new to old ???
  5. Otgekoo

    Bridgestone Turanza AR10

    Yes using this tyre on my company car. Treads seems to be fast wear out after travelling for nearly 20k km. This tyre is made in thailand. Yes it is an OEM from japanese make thats why the price is valur for money type. this tyre traction does not seems good but not very noisy. Can be use for normal using of 100km/h and below but not recommended for 105 to 140 km/h esp travelling on malaysia PLUS highway. Not as good as yokohama A drive. I think to get simliar price from this tyre get pirelli P7 will be better or if want use bridgestone get potenza RE001
  6. Otgekoo

    Comfort Delgro or C&C for 60K scvs

    Hi after reading the earlier forum post i am confused ...that C&C allows or not allow to bring own engine oil??? Why do ppl here are saying C&C servicing is no good?? But from what i experience some WS outside maybe a bit cheaper but do they do a proper job as compared to authorize WS which waranty is important
  7. Otgekoo

    A new tire size calculator

    hi check the label at the side of your car, should have some other alternative if not it does not make sense as tyres are wear n tear item after a certain period of time.
  8. Otgekoo

    2010 Kia Forte Coupe (XK)

    yoz the official launch of the koupe is on 16 oct 2009 then after test drive wille available...
  9. Otgekoo

    Reduce Petrol Cost

    Hi Hamburger normally it will reflect after the third month statement with all the cash rebate if you pump @ ESSO not sure with other kiosk becoz i pump ESSO regularly using this card. The rebate will then convert to a cash cheque which citibank will then mail it to you.
  10. Otgekoo

    New 2010 Kia Forte(Cerato replacement!)

    Hi Pinklady I am a driver of the new forte. My driving experience is quite pleasant, except that the tyre provided is not that good which after 90km/h u can feel the car have shaky feeling but after replacing the 4 pc of tyres the feeling is much better. As forr FC my indicator shows 8.7L / 100km.
  11. Otgekoo

    POLL: Why did you buy OPC?

    Wow..then OPC can really save cost for your usage type ..you working perm nite shift huh??
  12. Otgekoo

    POLL: Why did you buy OPC?

    Hey Kelfinity Same here my usage is similar to yours.....Actually wanted to get the normal plates but after considering why pay more for an OPC usage only..that's why having OPC is to see individual needs and as for cheats... why want to cheat?? ... juz put a 20 dollar coupon for once a blue moon if need to use but if everyday needs is required then should get a normal it will be more econmy rite??
  13. Yeah..I agree Lammy84 As an owner of an OPC, my view is that traffic congestion happens is not because OPC present or not present but is because of some road accidents which busy bodies tends to view what is goin on or road upgrading in process which resulted the traffic congestions. If let say some may say OPC caused the increase of vehicle congestion then how about those who rent or car sharing though having a normal plate may also contribute to the traffic jam.
  14. Otgekoo

    New 2010 Kia Forte(Cerato replacement!)

    Hi Tohto Why what's wrong with the servicing with C&C ? Just brought a KIA too... could you share the experience btw which which workshop is good n recommendation I am a newbie to cars here tks