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  1. ChickenMob

    Reckless Cyclist

    received a 1st hand picture from a friend last night of the accident. the body in the middle of the road was in very terrible state. it was gross.... dun think theses bikes are meant to be approved on the roads. without PAB......hope LTA looks deeper into this matter, it will never be the last with more of these jokers on the roads.
  2. ChickenMob

    Threat fr Zika Virus - 1st case in SG

    living in that area, the NEA had already sent guys to fog that area yesterday afternoon, and they are going around checking individuals home and teaching the older generations on how to prevent mosquito breedings....
  3. ChickenMob

    Used Truck / tractor tires.

    Wow bro, you must really have a large place to put that tyre hahaha.... are you opening your own gym???
  4. ChickenMob

    Used Truck / tractor tires.

    could be for cross-fit gym training purposes also....
  5. can try the subaru forum, alot of them are going for scrap. could get them for a token . try asking those bro that are scrapping their ride.
  6. ChickenMob

    Another rape case

    Damn....now here also so dangerous.........even guys are not spared.... better locked all these clowns till they turn to ashes.
  7. ChickenMob

    Norway June 2016 travel pics

    Very well taken pictures......
  8. ChickenMob

    Robi the Robot

    Last week saw their road show at Marina Sq, looks cute. but no time to enquiry more about it,.... maybe later go see and buy ba.. thanks bro~
  9. ChickenMob

    Robi the Robot

    huh?? inbuilt batteries?? bro help find out if got repair agent in Singapore. my kid likes it a lot..........hahahaa
  10. ChickenMob

    Robi the Robot

    Got warranty??? 2k for all the 70 issues..........
  11. ChickenMob

    OH Rats! Shelter collapse At Bukit Batok

    No use , no matter what the LTA will not lose money. they will claim the Lorry insurance for loss of income, which can account for up to millions , not able to be repaired for at least a week. then next year those under the same damn insurance company will get their premium increase......
  12. ChickenMob

    OH Rats! Shelter collapse At Bukit Batok

    No use also, he should be able to pass, I think that fellow just to lazy to lower his crane arm to the minimum height.... seen a lot of them lazy to bring it all the way to park mode......
  13. ChickenMob

    WRX intermittent ABS light & loss of power

    by the way there are a few pro workshops for Subaru around. can seek a 2nd advice if they problem is getting more annoying.
  14. ChickenMob

    Mass shooting at gay club

    yah..in SG i do not really worried about my child going out herself.... once out of here, i make sure she remain in my side.... hope its not that chaotic outside, if not i will be too worried to travel...
  15. ChickenMob

    Mass shooting at gay club

    still thinking we are the more fortunate around...... despite we are paying so much , we are still alive.........