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  1. Lordmazex

    Singapore Motorshow 9 - 12 Jan 2020

    wow. did they bring in the Tang as well?
  2. Lordmazex

    Tokyo Motor Show 2019 Highlights~!

    adding a few photos i took while over there
  3. did you check the expiry date of your cashcard?
  4. Lordmazex

    Rimowa luggage

    Second hand shop in Japan. 2nd Street By Jumble Don't know why but I like the styling. Hence I bought it
  5. Lordmazex

    Rimowa luggage

    Got this ACE briefcase for 40SGD
  6. Lordmazex

    Audi tuning by PA

    After your original warranty expires, the cost of tuning with PA will drop as well as they no longer have to provide warranty.
  7. Lordmazex

    Lexus GS450h engine blown from overheating....

    just scrap and get a new car, since it is nearing end of COE
  8. Lordmazex


    Need to add in one more. TR187, 17th Nov 2018 from Qingdao To Sg. Flight cancelled due to leaking fuel tank. All passengers deplane after 3 hours onboard and scoot just threw all passengers at different hotels with conflicting updates. (Eg they arranging for another plane to come in afternoon, or another plane on the following week etc) End up alot of passengers went to book their own tickets to fly out after getting fed up with the wait.
  9. Lordmazex

    Singapore Reckless Drivers part VII

  10. Lordmazex

    Unusual or Rare Cars

    https://m.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=789991&DL=1000 This one for the mileage?
  11. Lordmazex

    MAZDA 6

    And Porsche is not from VAG?
  12. Lordmazex

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Part VI

    Think the cam-car already did so.
  13. Lordmazex

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Part VI

  14. Lordmazex

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    Newer in what sense? Both came out in the same year 2015.