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  1. Jq1988

    GrabHitch/RYDE-car pooling services

    Doing hitch can earn extra income or just ease the financial burden? Never take hitch or drive hitch, does it fun?
  2. Jq1988

    Where Can I Buy Proton Spare Parts?

    Just visit any proton service centre in jb to get original part will solve your issue. They got tons of parts for proton models
  3. Get it check if the colour is grey. Only 1k got this colour, something is very wrong.
  4. Bezos is still best choice for Budget and space concern
  5. Jq1988

    Harrier 2017

    Any new harrier version soon? Like GR???
  6. Never underestimate suv ooo...
  7. Spacious, fuss free, safety and fuel saving, only harrier.
  8. Jq1988

    JB Petrol 95 or 97?

    Err...pump first then pay...normal..
  9. Nothing cheap is good thing..
  10. Jq1988

    New Lamborghini SUV! Meet the Urus.

    White URUS is the best!
  11. once you used Sinopec fuel, you will know the pros and cons....never go back after one pump...you can try Sinopec 98.
  12. Honda Jazz surely the best. Japan quality
  13. Pls stay away from trouble, family first.