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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, welcome opinion and comment on 1.6cc with budget below 120K. Looking at Elantra and Sylphy at this moment (boot spacious and good rear sitting)
  2. As above. What would all the bro's (and sis's) get for this budget, or doesn't anybody like wagons any more? Personally, I like the Octavia combi (VRS is just above the budget I think).
  3. Hi, anyone can advise me on the estimated cost of doing the servicing for 120k for Matrix, pocket running dry and need to put aside the money for the servicing. Thanks in advance.
  4. Arah

    120K Servicing

    Hi , Any one know the damage for 120K servicing done at SA or any other workshop? Is it same as the 60K servicing where we replace the Timing Belt & Water pump or could it be extended till 140K to replace them?
  5. I currently drive an E90 with some light mods and 18" rims. As the car is hitting 90,000km after 2 yrs, we were thinking of replacing it with another car in the same class. I test drove the following cars and here is my uneducated opinion on these cars. Seeking more opinions. 320 (Current) Engine - Although 4 cylinder, performs well under stress, ready to rev. Power - Crap, though 110 - 160 is really fast, maybe due to exhaust mod. Drive - Excellent drive, still the best i feel. Interior - Bare, minimalist but does the job. Accessories - Comes bare. Looks - I love it. On the road - Still a head turner if done up nicely, but is as common as chopsticks at a hawker. 125 Coupe Engine - I nearly sxxt in my pants. Felt really good. As smooth as a player at barnone picking up a chick. Sounds even better than a girl screaming my name. Power - Good stuff, the packaging was just nice. 3l to such a small car is amazing. Drive - Even better than the 3 series i feel, probably becos its small ? Interior - Same as 3 series, abit nicer. Gadgets/accessories - As bare as the HDBs that the govt try and sell us. The driver seats are still manual adjustment. Come on ! for a 150k car !! Looks - Front end looks very feminine and old fashioned, not muscular enough. On the road - Regardless, very much a head tuner. Very rare, like chopsticks at botak jones. C-Class Engine - Loud and sounds abit too clanky. Kompressor still not as good as N/A. Power - Negligible. Drive - I feel detached from the car. Car and me 2 separate entity :( Interior - Feels the best of all 3. Good build quality. Accessories - Crap accessories, dun come with anything at all. wtf. Looks - I'm starting to like it. On the road - Getting abit common don't you think. A4 1.8T Engine - Reasonably smooth, probably the best choice here. Power - Alrite, much better than my 4 cylinder 2l. 2.0T should be a good choice though, too bad they dun bring in. Drive - Although they give you 3 different options (dynamic, comfort etc), I dont feel in full control of the car. FWD insecurities perhaps ? Interior - Very executive feel, although the buttons sound like it's shared with a made in china mp3 player. The animation could have been better. Looked like it was designed by a poly student intern designer, though the full color LCD looks great. Accessories - If i choose the ambition package, comes with everything. Dats 20k abt the other entry models for other cars. But even the base model has quite a fair bit of accessories thrown in. Looks - Front end beri nice. Backside beri nice. Sides also beri nice. But put next to a 3 series, looks abit tame. On the road - Starting to see them pop up like acne here and there. Citroen C5 3l V6 Engine - Smooth as my butt after I shaved it. Needs abit more character though. But for a executive sedan, can't expect much. Power - Quite sad,even if its 3l. Drive - The most comfortable car I've driven compared to the above. Can fight e-class. Thanks to the adjustable suspensions. Looks - Looks quite good, I won't mind getting this car. On the road - So far so rare. The 3l V6 sold out till march, so by march, should see them as often as I see matas. Though different class, I also shortlisted other cars, namely CX7 - So sexy. Volvo S60 - Good deal now. Passat - hmmmmm. In conclusion, Was tempted to go for the A4 with options, should hit abt 155k, which i think is a ridiculous price for a entry level executive sedan. Furthermore, I didnt really enjoy the drive of the car. As i drive up to kl every week, i need something i can fully rely on, my opinion is to wait for the facelift 3series and get a better engine. Wat say you fellow mongsters.
  6. Hi all, Currently in a dilemma as to whether to get a 3 yr car which has 120,000 km done. Car has been regularly service at dealer as seen thru the service record. Think it suffered a slight accident at the rear, plus windscreen got a wiper scratch. Any advise/comments? Thanks
  7. Nonetheless

    MPV around 120K to intro

    my dad wanting to change to a reliable MPV around the price region, just to see whether you guys here have any to intro or any to be avoided, thankx currently looking at estima
  8. in terms of money, cost, maintenance, performance, handling and comfort