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Found 4 results

  1. taken from http://sgforums.com/forums/8/topics/420474 Nordian Cuaca is a 45 year old man who has been escaping Interpol and has been living in Singapore! How could this be? I always thought that the Singapore Government has been taking a tough stance against criminals! But it seems that Cuaca has been living in the Singaporean Haven for the past ten years! Apparently, he has been able to settle down here, setup a company, own two Sentosa Coves properties, starts a family and even owns a Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini in Singapore! I always believe that the Singapore Government has strict immigration laws to prevent criminal from entering, let alone settling down here. How was it possible that he could slip past detection then? In this age of Terrorism, could this mean that Terrorists could also possibly slip past detection and conduct their activities here? As a citizen, I am worried if not terrified at this lapse of national security. But for one thing I
  2. Picnic06-Biante15

    Batman In Jail, Now Interpol Looking For Robin

    Yahoo news: Hunt on for ‘Robin Hai’, chief car smuggler and master of disguise KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 26 — He is the millionaire mastermind of an international car smuggling syndicate whose network spans across neighbouring countries and receives orders from the Middle East and Africa. He is a master of disguise who thrives in the fast lane and has given the authorities the slip over the past six years. His syndicate is believed responsible for the theft of RM400 million worth of vehicles a year. One of the longest manhunts continues with the help of Interpol for Nyo Ah Hai, 49, who has had several identities over the years. He also goes by the name Robin Hai and his last known address is No 78, Jalan Pengkalan Rawa, Nibong Tebal, Penang. Bukit Aman Criminal Investigations Department assistant director of criminal intelligence unit (D4) Abdul Manaf Abd Razak said police only have a picture of him taken in 2007. That picture was released to the media yesterday. “Investigations revealed the suspect adopted different identities to avoid detection. We believe he is in a neighbouring country, living a luxurious life while he instructs his men to carry out the operations. “Even if he had entered the country, we wouldn’t know because of his new identity.” Abdul Manaf said Nyo’s syndicate was involved in almost 80 per cent of stolen four-wheel drives and MPVs, namely Toyota, in the country. “We are trying to locate him and cripple the syndicate responsible for thefts worth about RM400 million a year.” Abdul Manaf said the syndicate’s foreign counterparts would normally relay the type of vehicles they want. Nyo would then instruct his syndicate members to hunt, steal and conceal the wanted vehicles. “Once they have the required number of cars, the vehicles are placed in containers. The syndicate would then forge the documents before exporting the vehicles by sea,” he said. Abdul Manaf said many forwarding agents were also involved with the syndicate. The stolen vehicles were shipped to the Middle East, Africa and East Asia. This year, police recovered 10 vehicles believed stolen by Nyo’s syndicate in Johor and 20 more in Port Klang. Stolen four-wheel drive vehicles are sold at between RM30,000 and RM40,000 while MPVs fetch between RM60,000 and RM70,000. About 35 to 45 cars, 70 motorcycles and 12 vans are reported stolen daily. Link: http://sg.news.yahoo.com/hunt-robin-hai-chief-car-smuggler-master-disguise-230800167.html Wooooooow........... RM400 million a year business ... When come looking for criminal, MY polis states 35 ~ 45 cars, 70 m/cycles & 12 vans are reported stolen daily. But when come to statistics, they are the safest place ....
  3. FaezClutchless

    Abandoned Ferrari Enzo to be auctioned off

    Several months back, I wrote about supercars left abandoned in two Middle Eastern countries. One of them is a Ferrari Enzo that has been impounded in a Dubai police impound lot. That particular Ferrari is still sitting in the same impound lot and it, together with other luxury cars, might have a better and brighter future. The authorities in Dubai have decided to auction off the Ferrari and 23 other luxury cars. Failed entrepreneurship was the reason why these cars were left behind but the best question to ask right now is; who is the person who did this? Apparently, the owner of the Ferrari Enzo is believed to be a British citizen who bought the car and then fled the country 20 months ago when he/she could not afford to pay the loan and traffic fines. Being in debt in the country is a crime and according to an official in Dubai
  4. http://news.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNew...102-308384.html Two Singaporean men who are participating in the 80th Interpol General Assembly in Hanoi were cheated by a local taxi driver. The taxi driver charged them 40 times the normal fee and even stole their cell phone. According to victims Chen Ang Dani and Than Sha Pen, the driver forced them to pay VND6 million (S$362.85) for a 10km ride which should have cost only VND150,000. The victims told police that the incident occurred on October 28 when they took a taxi. The taxi allegedly has a license plate number of BKS 30K-6476 and purportedly belongs to Phu Gia Group, according to VnExpress newswire. They were driven from Phan Boi Chau Street to Hanoi's National Conference Centre and eventually had to pay US$200 (S$253.74) and S$100. The men said that after arguing with the driver over the prices, they left behind an iPhone 4 which could not be found. Hanoi police yesterday announced that they have identified the taxi driver and are hunting for him. The 80th Interpol General Assembly started in Hanoi on October 31 and is expected to end on November 3. For more stories, please visit www.tuoitrenews.vn. INterpol leh. wahahaha