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Found 4 results

  1. Hyundai has quietly published the first images of its mildly updated Elantra on its website in South Korea where the compact sedan is sold as the Avante. The styling revisions come quite early in the life cycle considering the seventh generation was unveiled in March 2020 before going on sale later that year. The bulk of the changes is noticeable at the front where the 2024 Avante gets flatter headlights flanking a newly added metallic bar stretching across the entire width of the grille. Speaking of which, Hyundai has decided to split the grille into two by adding a body-colored element in the center. It makes the grille less in your face, and we'd argue that’s for the better. Faux air intakes at the corners of the bumper lend the front fascia a sportier appearance. There's not much going on at the rear where the Elantra's taillights have been seemingly carried over. We do notice the bumper has a different look with a pseudo diffuser and a wide U-shaped silver element extending from one corner to the other. We're getting the impression there are more glossy black surfaces than before while the red horizontal reflectors appear to be slightly wider. With this being only a facelift, the side profile has been carried over nearly unchanged, although those two-tone wheels seem to be a new variation of an existing set. In addition, the plastic panel at the C-pillar has a more intricate pattern now while the chrome beltline is slightly thicker at the end. Inside, a new Sage Green theme with eco-friendly material is the only novelty announced thus far.
  2. Hi all, I'm new here with a recent purchase of the avante S model. Since the purchase, there has been a creaking sound from the under carriage on the driver side. Only can be heard at 100km/h or above. I sent it in for a check and the mechanic said he tightened some bolt at the under carriage and asked me to monitor. Even after this, the sound is still there. Anyone encountered this? Apologies if this has been raised before as I have not read through the entire thread yet. Thanks 🙏
  3. Car shopping time ! But really cant make up my mind to get which of the above I know the main difference is power but be very honest nowdays cant go to bolehland... i feel can live without it... Prev Gs450h locally never press past 110 anyway... Just some thoughts about each car Avante CN7 2021 1.6A Elite ($96,999?) - PRO I have not purchase new car b4. might be a good experience ...😂 - PRO Fuel Consumption from what i hear is 15-18km/L sounds good ! - PRO Interior is quite beautiful.. esp elite model w white leather -CON Premium 33%.... What? = ARF only 6k - CON Poor specced vs Korea model - CON Questionable reliability (Especially IVT) Harrier G-Grade Turbo 2.0T ($108k+-?) - PRO Toyota reliability (hopefully, i was scalded by lexus once😂) and resale value - PRO not tried yet but i heard the soundproofing is almost lexus like. as a previous lexus owner i surely miss NVH - PRO Although looks older but comes w nappa leather and interior build quality inside seems pretty good ! - CON Loses out on cost for petrol, insurance, road tax vs the avante (esp petrol n insurance) - CON Infotainment screen.. WOW! a trip back to 2005 - CON its used vs new, not sure how big of a difference it would make. Harrier turbo owners please advice about the infotainment screen, sound system (stock), FC , NVH and etc... love to hear your thoughts Anyway safe driving bros Jon !
  4. All Kia / Hyundai owners (2016 onwards models) How is your general experience with Hyundai & Kia In the past few years ? Ive been keen on the New CN7 Avante for awhile now, but i keep seeing recalls, problems, horror stories online From Theta 2 engine, Gamma Engine, DCT problems (in tuscon 1.6T), IVT problems , Aircon got water sounds, trunk seeping water , extreme vibration when idling, screeching, door opening while driving, transmission jerking, loss of power... wah too many to list.... But all these problems ive not heard from my friends that own hyundai & kia locally, generally said problem free There is even a nationwide petition against hyundai & korean govt for an apology ... 222k people signed. Was keen on CN7 Avante Elite... Seems like good value for money with packed features ( Dual power seats with driver memory, Beautiful interior, Heated n Aircon seats) And stuff like the seat functions above... headache to add aftermarket also right? Mazda 3 has driver power seat with memory... but no passenger side ... Altis dont even need to see Having second thoughts on the Hyundai & Kia Brand... Any bros wanna share their experience good or bad ? Drive safe all
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