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Found 4 results

  1. Mods, I've checked and all PE by-elections thread are locked. So have to start a new thread. After many months of waiting, the verdict is out. Police issues stern warning to SPH and ST editor for Punggol East report Published on Jun 20, 2013 4:36 PM Police on Thursday issued a stern warning to The Straits Times (ST) editor Warren Fernandex and Singapore Press Holdings, over a January report on the Punggol East by-election that was published in the newspaper. By Rachel Chang Police on Thursday issued a stern warning to The Straits Times (ST) editor Warren Fernandex and Singapore Press Holdings, over a January report on the Punggol East by-election that was published in the newspaper. The Attorney General's Chambers (AGC) said in a statement on Thursday that the stern warning was issued in lieu of prosecution for the offence of publishing a poll after the writ of election had been issued. The article, headlined "ST Poll: more rooting for PAP," presented the views of 50 Punggol East residents that reporters had interviewed." The publication of polls from the day the writ of election is issued until the close of polling stations on Polling Day is prohibited by the Parliamentary Elections Act. The AGC statement said that the publication of the article "was attributable to neglect on the part of Mr Fernandez." SPH said Mr Fernandez and Mr Patrick Daniel, the editor-in-chief of the media group's English and Malay newspapers division, presented themselves at the Central Police Division earlier in the morning to receive the written warnings. "The Straits Times newsroom co-operated fully with the police during their investigations and accepted that there was an internal lapse that led to the publication of the poll results," said SPH. "It has always been our approach that when we get something wrong, we acknowledge it, put it right, and strive to do better," said Mr Fernandez.
  2. http://s1094.photobucket.com/albums/i459/A...546985964_n.jpg
  3. Govt says policies on new media will evolve as new challenges crop up By Satish Cheney, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 21 February 2009 2044 hrs SINGAPORE : The Singapore government has been embracing and even adopting new media for its work. And while it is still some way from fully tapping the potential, the government said it will gradually evolve its policies with a light touch, as the Web2.0 revolution constantly throws up new challenges. Singapore is the most wired city in the world. And according to a survey, young Singaporeans aged 15 to 24 spend an average of eight-and-a-half hours a day being connected. And the government has been using new media outlets such as Facebook, YouTube and forums to hook up with citizens. Another new media outlet is the OnePeople Portal. The online resource on racial harmony was launched by the Community Development, Youth and Sports Minister Vivian Balakrishnan on Saturday. While the government is gradually liberalising its approach towards online engagement with its citizens, the minister added that one has to be responsible and careful when posting their thoughts online." Dr Balakrishnan said: "Anonymity in cyberspace is an illusion. You will remember in 2007, we prosecuted three persons under the Sedition Act because of the blogs they put up which denigrated the religion of one of our communities in Singapore. "The reason we did that was to send the message that your words have an impact; if need be, we can identify you, and if we have to, we will be prepared to prosecute you." But there are some challenges in the government's use of new media to get public feedback. Dr Milagros Rivera, member, Advisory Council on the Impact of New Media on Society (AIMS), said: "We expected people to give feedback. Nobody did. I think seven people posted comments on the AIMS website, and then the blogosphere went crazy with all kinds of comments and discussions about New Media. "You can have a very nice welcoming website for the government to give feedback. If people are not comfortable they will just stay in their little forums and in their blogs and they will do their thing." And there is no doubt more challenges will crop up as cyberspace continues to evolve and change the way people communicate with one another. - CNA/ms
  4. Hi Bros, Any 1 of u ever stop by TP but wasn't booked? Juz a warning from them. What was the reason that they let u off? a)Because they did not clock the speed that you drove b)they were in lecturing mood but not summon mood c)what do u guys think?