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Posted 31 July 2014 - 10:26 AM

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I would say MAZDA have the best after sales service on their previous agent in year 2004. I own a brand new mazda in 2004. Car start giving problem after 3 mths. I would say im not a easy customer to handle. Dun talk abt other issue, main issue was the gearbox. Every morning moving our from car park, I would feel a jerk when gear 1 change to gear 2. No jerk after 5 mins ( even tried warm up the car for 10 mins still happens ) wack mazda dam hard. Wanted mazda to shipped the whole car back to Japan to change gearbox.

  Then the top management had a meeting with me. They willing to fly in 2 Japanese engineers n a brand new gearbox to change in Singapore. I agreed. Very fast within one week they are in Singapore with new gearbox. I send in my car and I was given a courtesy car to use. After 2 weeks everything done, I took back my car.


  The very next morning, its happens again! I drive straight to Mazda service center and infront of a lot of people, I throw my keys back to the service advisor and say wait for my lawyer letter. I dun want this car already! hahahaha. Can see everyone in there ( Customers n staff ) all blur.


  The best thing when I went home at night. I received a call from my service advisor saying he waiting in car park to pass me courtesy car. He waited for me for 4 hrs in my car park. Wow I was impressed! I went down to talk to him and he say give mazda a chance to make good my car.


  Ok. This jerking issue being resolved almost 9 mths. Means my car is 1 year old when they did so many test and found its the ECU problem and changed a new ones. And I was given a extended warranty from 3 years to 5 years. I would say that no other AD can match this type of service.

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