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Singapore drivers suck? Tiktoker gives her reasons on why she thinks so

Singapore drivers suck? Tiktoker gives her reasons on why she thinks so



In all honesty, I can see where she’s coming from. Just look at our articles. 

What happened?

Singaporean influencer and Tiktoker Nicole Chang Min put out a scorching hot take about our local drivers on a Tiktok that has since garnered over 94,000 views.

The Tiktok opens with Nicole exclaiming that Singaporean drivers “sux” , saying that when she signals she is going to change lane, they often speed up to prevent her overtaking.



(sorry for the play button guys, icon won’t disappear no matter what)

She proceeds to ask why drivers must always “zham” on the gas and overtake her, as if letting her overtake will result in their deaths.


Online chatter

Public opinion is split depending on where you came across this video. Tiktok is surprisingly sympathetic, with others coming with their agreements. 


However, Facebook users suspect it being Nicole’s own fault for not being a good enough driver (basically skill issue but even less polite), or the other sort of stereotype about a specific sort of driver…


Writer’s thoughts - Probably not her fault, our other articles should serve as adequate evidence.


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What brand of car does she drive?.. 


based on that, we can stereotype her to be good or not so good driver. 😂 



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Her outburst is quite unnecessary but I do agree with her. 

There is a small minority of drivers who should not be on the roads - ungracious, inconsiderate, entitled, speeding, can't keep to their lanes, don't obey trafic rules etc etc etc.

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Small minority of ungracious, inconsiderate, entitled, speeding, can't keep to their lanes, don't obey traffic rules drivers who should not be on the roads?

I post so many videos of them.

I don't think its small at all.


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We all know its not you and me that drive like pricks.

Its the 98% of drivers out there!


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her ending you verbally say (words come out from the heart) ZHAM THE BRAKE TO OVERTAKE ME!!! I wonder what car she drive and the kind of driver she is 🤣🤣🤣

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No offence to any lady drivers, I can assume she is an average driver, Slow motion type, and no sense of urgency, mind her own biz, which was okie, but can be care less who is coning right up behind her back, hardly check her blind spots and slow reaction on the road during peak periods.

Yes, she may give signals to turn, perhaps after 5-6 blinks she still at it . . . to turn or not to turn is. an aggravating factor for any seasoned driver.

The reason/s some driver " Zham brake " bc thy see her style of handling the car in hazard manner, not too sure to keep left, turn left/ off focused during any peak hours- Delivery driver, school bus driver and buses may not be too patience with this type of driver/s

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