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Grab rider has to do multiple trips for $8

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But as a consumer,  this is exactly what we would do - consolidate orders to maximise the delivery charges. 

How the delivery man is paid is Grab's problem, or any platform owners' problem.

I once ordered 3 ctns of 1.25L pet bottled drinks one shot ... for free delivery! As expected,  the delivery man was sianz.... But he did not make a fuss out of it. 

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Why worry for them? Either the fees go up according to weight, or riders will stop accepting orders. This are capitalist market forces at work. No one is forced to do it. 

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No wonder has to fly around.



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Turbocharged (edited)
21 hours ago, Kb27 said:

Grab say they are investigating.


As for me, I stop doing GrabMart and GrabFood, the payout is pitiful, not worth the time and petrol when you're driving a car.

The entire news is about the rider being short-changed.  Granted, there is a problem with their system.

But what is not mentioned is that the customer is being inconvenience for opening their door 7 times just to receive their single order.  That's not only unacceptable, but ridiculous as a business.

Grab should really re-look into their business model for the GrabMart business.  Sounded to me that they are using the same business model as their GrabFood  which is incorrect, as both businesses have a different value proposition.

So just solving the rider compensation is not the solution. 

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