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Colour Drive touch up paint

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19 hours ago, Shouyi said:


Anyone tried this product before ?



11 hours ago, ER-3682 said:

Don't waste time,Touch Up Paint won't work...just leave it.

Yah. I agree with what @ER-3682 said. Just leave it. touch up paint is like liquid paper. Sure one patch one patch one. 

Don't ask me why i know. hahaha. 🤣

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for small chips and scratch is fine. to look nice needs some patience though. Just need to fill up the scratch or chip hole with the paint with a little bump over the surface and dry overnight. next day sand off the bump and polish, it should conceal nicely. If is metallic or pearl paint then gg as the paint comes in 2 parts. i just couldn't get the pearl layer to look nice. 

And no need to buy from these fancy online store. Check with your AD or spray painting shop to see if they can spare you a small bottle and buy a fine brush to apply. 

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