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  1. sake

    Watch Part V

    A husband can forget everything but 2 dates.....wife's birthday and wedding anniversary.
  2. sake

    Watch Part V

    Nice and elegant! Wife's birthday also this week. Just got her a pair of jade earings .
  3. sake

    Aston Martin joins the SUV party

    emptied my CPF ordinary account last year!
  4. sake

    Aston Martin joins the SUV party

    i am sure you will appreciate cars like Bentley when you reach my age! 🙂
  5. sake

    Aston Martin joins the SUV party

    i definitely agree that the Conti Gt is really comfy!
  6. sake

    Aston Martin joins the SUV party

    I am surprised that Aston Martin is not as desired as i thought it would be. Surprising that many would prefer a Bentley Conti GT over an Aston.
  7. well done Yeo! last 8 in the World Championships! bad news is she has problem with her back. hope she recovers well for tomorrow.
  8. kudos to Loh. last 16 now.
  9. both Yeo and Loh are not doing too badly at the BWF World Championships 2019.......
  10. iirc she was born in Singapore and became a citizen around 2011 when she was 12. no one can say her skills and talents were developed and honed in a foreign country.
  11. which do you all prefer? 1111 or 9999?
  12. i thot you would have made some $$$!
  13. my contribution
  14. my daughter was in competitive swimming so i do know a bit about their training programmes. for Schooling, everything is now geared solely towards tokyo 2020. all his swimming times/results from now until tokyo are relevant only in so far as to whether he is on track in his training programme. so i would not read too much into his swimming times. just hope he stays focused and healthy.