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  1. Cris888

    Taiwan: Car Rental (Taipei)

    Taipei nice place to go holiday. Nice food nice people
  2. Cris888

    AFF Suzuki Cup

    Malaysia Boleh
  3. Cris888

    Harrier 2017

    i like free car too
  4. Cris888

    Harrier 2017

    i like Harrier
  5. Cris888

    Perodua AXIA at RM24,900?

    Malaysia Boleh, is a good country if rule by me
  6. Cris888

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    everyone suffer if petrol price keep on increase
  7. Cris888

    China Car Design is the best?

    China is the best
  8. im driving nissan murano 2.5, very good car