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    3rd party claim

    bro sorry to hear that. This is what happen when these commercial vehicles belong to company, if the drivers act blur or never update their company then their company will not know there is an accident occured. This is why touch wood if we encounter accident with these commercial vehicle remember to take down the company particular and office number, most of these vehicles having decal which having their company detail and office number on either side of the front door. If you have the company number you can call them up and tell them their vehicle had an accident with. i will pm you to expalin to you more . Hope im able to help you. :)
  2. Bhauto213

    Pink cars only for gals?

    lol ya , owner wanna paste sticker .
  3. Bhauto213

    Pink cars only for gals?

    Just to share a pink color Toyota Axio Spray at my workshop. :)
  4. Bhauto213

    Accident surveyor

    No worry bro, this likely so call Re-Inspection from the 3rd party company who you are claiming against . they just to make sure all the damaged parts are being change or repaired back. The sueveyor will take photo and submit a report to their inhouse insurance. :)
  5. Bhauto213

    Which part is the immobiliser?

    There are immobiliser in CS3 key, If you happen to drop ur key the small metal piece of immobiliser will drop. If drop then your car wouldn't be able to start. Alot of CS3 driver encounter this problem before. So take note and take extra care of the key. :)
  6. Bhauto213

    Where to buy the BMW emblem or logo?

    Bro, try Eng Soon Auto. Stockist of BMW in Singapore :) Eng Soon Auto Pte Ltd 1090, 1092 & 1094, Serangoon Road, Singapore 328192 Tel: (65) 6291 7775 (8 lines) Fax: (65) 6298 2670 / (65) 6392 8083 Email: mail@engsoon.com.sg
  7. Haiz another total lost car....
  8. we handle few cases before, LTA won't show you the video unless that is a fatal accident. if not they will likely ignored it.
  9. we handle few cases before, LTA won't show you the video unless that is a fatal accident. if not they will likely ignored it.
  10. Bhauto213

    Struck in cte now

    I was catch in the jamz around 9am too. Was struck in the jamz for nearly 2 hr. R.I.P to the motorist who pass away in the accident. :(
  11. Bhauto213

    Suzuki SX4 owners - Please come in

    nice car. :)
  12. Bhauto213

    Latio bumper from scrapyard

    Hi bro already send you a pm. :)
  13. For what i know this car parts cant get easily, maybe have to flight in. Have to think twice on the spare parts problem if you wanna buy this car. :)
  14. Bhauto213

    Opel Combo 1.3 opinion?

    When it come to repair cost for those wear and tear parts you will have heart attack... The parts are dame ex... turst me :)
  15. Bhauto213

    Tomika Auto Air Con

    Hi bro, have already send you a pm. :)