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Found 6 results

  1. Lkp848

    Honda Smart Key

    Hi, Just got my Jade in August. Having some problem with the doors. Advice appreciated. Problem 1. Car locked. Remote in pocket. Not able to unlock the door on the passenger side. Have to unlock the door from driver side. Once unlock from driver side, then only can be lock and unlock from passenger side. Once car locked, and walked away from car for 10 to 15 mins, cannot unlock from passenger side again (no response when holding on to the handle). Have to first unlock from driver side before the passenger side door work normally again. Problem 2. Boot door. Almost the same as above but with additional problem. Cannot lock with the button under the handle. When I pressed the lock button, no sound, no light, no function. When I pressed the unlock button, got sound, got light but cannot open the boot. All doors able to lock and unlock using the remote control Any bros with similar experience or can recommended workshop that can resolve the above issues.
  2. jayz89

    Alarm issue

    Hi all, I fix my spy alarm brand in jb recently. It was ok till now. When I press lock, my door will lock and the alarm will beep. Then 5 sec later the alarm will go off and I need to unlock my car. Meaning to say cannot lock at all. The only thine i can do now is manually use my car key so still ok la, cos old car avante 09’. At least i got alternative now. Anyone face similar issue and got it fix? Any sg shop specialist for car alarm to intro me? Many thanks
  3. Suhaimiebrahim

    Remote key issue

    Hi all bros, Recently face problem to open car door in the morning after overnight parking. Need about 3 to 4 mins repeated pressing on the remote to activate the door. Only happen in the morning and after that no issue. Is this sign of weak car battery? Last replace was September 2013. Did replace remote battery but not effective. Do advice
  4. Neutrino

    Car key problem

    Been away for a few months and on return my car key won't unlock the car doors when I press the buttons. Neither will my wife's key unlock the doors. Security light flashes in car when I press the button to unlock. Car doors unlock manually but then indicator lights flash for a while. Indicator lights flash for a while when I lock the door manually. Tried changing the battery in the key fob but still cannot unlock doors. Any quick easy solution for this?? Everything was working OK before we went away for a few months and on similar occasions when we've been away had no problem with the locking..
  5. Kazuo

    Car Key cutting service

    Any place which provide car key cutting service for like $10-$20? Just pure cutting service. Not remote duplication, not even any part from them. Checked a few shops, all asking for $40 and above just to cut. Is this the standard rate?
  6. Lucky888

    Car Keys

    Hi Forumers, My KIA Sportage key is not working well. If i want to change car battery, where is the most convenient place to go to change the battery? Also how much approximately? If i were to go back to KIA to get a new key or replace the battery, how much is it approximately?