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Found 10 results

  1. Alvinnoob

    Refinancing of car

    Hi guys, like many of you i've been searching for refinancing of my car loan. Chance upon the below. I called in, they represent UOB. And since i am currently under UOB loan.. it is not possible to refinance with them. Are there any other lobang? purpose to shorten the loan.. formally i've made a mistake to take up 10yrs loans... http://www.credit.com.sg/ref.php
  2. Hi all bros and sis, I need some advice for those experts in loan especially home loans. My loan due for refinancing soon and i have to decide the following: 1) SIBOR or fixed rate 2) Tenure. I am currently have abt $235K on O/S principal on my loan and currently a bank offers me 3mth SIBOR +1% for 3 years without lock in. I am tempted to take this as my current loan interest is 3%. tenure left 18years. My question is that should i stretch the tenure to 30 years again and maximise my savigings in CPF which will be gettign abt 2.5% where SIBOR +1% is only abt 1.6%. In this way, i will have more CPF savings in my oridnary account and earn more interest to offset the interest incurred on the loan. any experts please advise. Thanks.
  3. Trusty

    Refinancing loan?

    im thinking of refinancing my current loan. car is coming to 3rd yr and paying 3.5% interest. the refinancing offers 2.2% which is much lower. should i take up? what are the things i should take note?
  4. Peqasus

    Car refinancing

    hey gurus, jus thinking out loud. got my car with interest at 2.5%. given the lower interest rates these days, is it worth or possible to refinance? assumption early redemption penalty + new interest MUCH LESSER THAN current interest.
  5. Zsr19

    Car refinancing?

    Hi everyone, Any idea if it is a good time to refinance car? my existing interest rate is 3.25% ... very high... now i see newspaper with rate 1.99%.. any lobangs? thks
  6. I have been wondering if the car refinancing is still going on. Presently, my loan is at 2.5% under UOB. Anyone has refinanced their loan to a lower interest so far? Please share, so that the car forumers can benefit from it.
  7. Bluepica

    Refinancing home loan

    My current home loan contract is up and I think the interest rates right now is attractifve enough to do a refinancing... any bro here have any bad experience with any bank? My current is Maybank.... I took the loan 3yrs ago is lowest, but after that keep increasing cos it's var rate. from 2.13% to 4.6%
  8. to all bros who hav lobang on this, pls pm me 4 details,thxs. tat time 2 rash in making decision liao, nw felt tat wasting very much on interest leh. so if cn reduce, it will be best lah
  9. Thermodynamics

    Refinancing new cars

    What banks currently provide refinancing service to new car owners? What is the current refinance interest rate now? Are there any conditions that we need to watch out for?
  10. Is there any refinancing at 1.6% available now?