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4 dead after school bus mounts pavement in HK

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many such accidents happen when driver never pull their handbrake, not the first time and happen in many countries.


4 dead after school bus mounts pavement in Hong Kong
10 Dec 2018 05:12PM (Updated: 10 Dec 2018 08:48PM)
HONG KONG: Four people were killed and 11 injured when a runaway bus mounted a pavement and ran over several pedestrians in North Point on Monday (Dec 10).
Two women - aged 80 and 70 - and two men - aged 83 and 77 - were killed after the yellow bus careered out of control.
Videos circulating on social media show the driver exiting the parked bus, which then began rolling down the street. The driver tried to stop the bus but was unsuccessful as it veered onto a pavement.
"We believe he might have forgotten to pull the handbrake or hadn't properly pulled it," chief inspector of police Sun Lun-yum told reporters.
The 62-year-old driver became trapped under the bus and was dragged along for about 20m before falling onto the road.
Photographs in local media showed victims sprawled on the ground while others received medical treatment at the scene.
Police said the bus travelled for a total of 100m, hitting two taxis before finally crashing into a building in a narrow lane lined with shops.
In addition to the driver, who suffered injuries to his head, neck and back, a further 10 pedestrians aged between 22 and 89 were taken to hospital for treatment. Several remain in a serious condition.
One witness to the accident said that several stall vendors were hit in the accident. 
"I saw an empty school bus speed down the slope. It glanced off a taxi and lost control," the witness told RTHK in an interview.
“I was almost unlucky. I was quite scared ... I didn’t dare look back because I knew something bad had happened. I just took a quick glimpse, and saw some people lying on the road."
The accident happened at about 2pm at the junction of King's Road and Ho Wei Street.
Hong Kong prides itself on having one of the world's best public transport systems but deadly bus accidents are not unknown.
In November, five people were killed and 32 injured after a coach carrying Cathay Pacific staff to Hong Kong's airport collided with a taxi. Passengers were thrown from the coach's windows on impact.
A speeding double-decker overturned in northern Hong Kong in February, killing 19 people and leaving more than 60 injured. The bus driver was arrested for dangerous driving.
And in 2003 a double-decker bus collided with a truck and plummeted off a bridge, killing 21 people and injuring 20.
Source: CNA/AFP/nh(hm)



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:a-rip: to those deceased ... [smallcry]

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