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  1. Ronkovic

    Most honest used car ad ever?

    Yes, sometimes it's not about the money, but about the principle. For a new car under warranty, you are entitled to seek a solution for these issues and have the agent rectify them accordingly and proactively. I can emphatise with his frustration because I encountered a similar issue with my G9 Corolla's steering column and it kept going tok-tok-tok and I was told it was 'normal', or would 'go away'; Persistence and negotiation is still needed in order to find yourself a solution, coupled with a lot of frustration in between.
  2. Ronkovic

    Most honest used car ad ever?

    Yes, I am inclined to think that the objective of the ad wasn't to actually sell the car, but perhaps as a means to get himself some bargaining power and get BM to maybe act on the issues he encountered more promptly since he probably had done so and was just brushed off. With the ad up and clearly spelling out 'factually' the issues, it could potentially have some impact on the perception of the car/model to prospective buyers, especially with it being a very new car. I guess rather than risk that, BM would rather act on this person's issues more proactively in exchange for having him remove the ad.
  3. Ronkovic

    Removing very old sticky residue

    You could try Johnson Baby Oil; or else Goo Gone might also be worth a try. Both complemented by some elbow grease of course. May take a fair bit of effort and time.
  4. Actually, it wasn't really the regular Ukrainian nationals at fault for MH17, but more of Russian Army-backed separatists from the Crimea. Yes, the first step to clear the path for an air-strike is the usual SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defences) package - Jamming of radars; followed by Wild Weasel strike on SAM sites and air defence radars with purpose-built Anti-Radar missiles (e.g. the AGM-88 HARM) and cluster bombs.
  5. With the video circulating on public domain, would it mean that once the insurance companies note down the presence of the BBK, they may not pay out for the damages as it is not factory-fitted?
  6. Ronkovic

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    Hi There, In general, you could start by trawling SGCarMart or Carousell to see if there's any car listings that match what you're looking for. Thereafter, you'd probably want to view a few to get a feel of the overall condition of the car and make your choice from there. You could also do some prior research on the model you're eyeing and learn more about common issues and pay attention to those. Dealer-wise, its hard to say which is more 'recommended'; while there are scheming and unscrupulous dealers; there are also those who are just simply there to do their jobs - try to push the sale / close the deal / complete the transaction. I think if you search this thread, it will give you an idea of which dealers have higher reported incidents of issues versus those which are fuss-free. It's best to manage your expectation and prepare by knowing what to expect or check before committing - (e.g. Service records, deposits, loan interest rates (Bank/In-House), admin fees/ insurance requirements, possibility of independent pre-purchase assessment (e.g. AA, STA or VICOM check) promised guarantees or repairs, handover/transfer dates etc.) and have everything clearly stated clearly in the Sales Agreement. Good luck!
  7. Ronkovic

    "New Zealand" is 纽西兰 or 新西兰???

    I remember they changed Tekka Market to Zhu Jiao also. Somehow it just didn't sound right. Perhaps we're too used to the traditional dialect names and at the same time, most people young and old didn't have the linguistic ability and vocabulary to convert between dialect and standard mandarin then. Perhaps in some instances, the introduction and imposition of Mandarin inadvertently may have played a part in creating a communication gap between a whole generation of young people with their grandparents.
  8. I think a problem nowadays with a lot of drivers is that they don't pay alot of attention to regular maintenance as well as they should. Car enthusiasts aside, I've seen that many regular point A to point B drivers stinge on very essential basic stuff like servicing, oil changes, and tyres. Usually, they will choose the cheapest or most value options or sometimes stretch the interval / use for the longest time possible even when the tyres are bald. So, the grip during wet weather and at expressway speeds would be compromised. In addition, even if the tyres are not bald, the tyres and types of thread of basic or some models of comfort tyres mounted on the car may not be able to deal with aquaplaning on wet roads at high speed. On other factors, not sure also if its the way they level the roads or the extent of rain volume, but there also seems to be a lot of puddles and ponding at right most side of expressways. Perhaps driving style also plays a part, if people drive with one hand on the steering on wet roads, they may not be able to deal with the impact of the sudden loss of traction from aquaplaning too.
  9. Ronkovic

    Scented candles allowed in office?

    Hahaha thanks! Ya I figured that the minimal smoke wouldn't trigger tolerance of the detectors, unless of course other combustibles like paper come into contact with the flame and start a fire. I've used these scented candles and tea light candles for essential oils, but usually just in the bathroom and in the home; where there's no smoke detectors.
  10. Ronkovic

    Scented candles allowed in office?

    As most offices have smoke detectors, I wonder what's the tolerance / limits of the sensors when it comes to burning candles; or when the candles get put out.
  11. I think you'd probably get more authentically Thai food, drinks and desserts for reasonable prices at Golden Mile Complex than at these artificially-replicated and commercialised incarnations of 'Art-Box' or 'Chatuchak' in Singapore where the authenticity and quality of a large number of vendors are questionable, and so are the prices. Totally agreed with what Mock said. It's never the same experience to have something brought in front of you as compared to experiencing stuff in the actual local context. Yes, it may be blistering hot most of the year; it may be dusty; it may be crowded and you might get shoved, touted, or barged into; depending on where you stay it may be a long, but yet scenic ride on the BTS from say from Sukhumvit past Sanam Pao to Mo Chit; but that in essence is the true, authentic experience of Chatuchak - where there's something for everyone and occasionally you find really vendors with interesting and unique crafts (such as tote bags, home decor, pet stuff, and even the exotic pets themselves etc.) which you can't find elsewhere!
  12. Ronkovic

    Why more people are renewing COE?

    The point is, the policymakers don't want to be flexible because it would be contrary to the car-lite policy, of which the objective is to have lesser cars on the roads progressively. Making the means of enabling car ownership or prolonging the lifespan of an existing car 'easier' for the masses is henceforth not the priority. In short, if anyone wants to own a car, be it new or extending its COE, one has no choice but to just suck it up and either bear with the high upfront costs / extended interest / loans / foregoing of PARF. If there's any flexibility or advantages, it would be for the benefit of the policymakers, not the consumer.
  13. Ronkovic

    Makan in Thailand

    Had a nice simple breakfast at a home-cafe along the Chao Phraya river at Kudichin. It's a historical area - one of the earliest Portuguese settlements and enclaves from the 14th century that even pre-dates Bangkok - so there's a strong Portuguese and Catholic influence, just like Malacca; and some residents in the area are direct descendants of the early Portuguese settlers. Looks like Laksa, but its actually a very tasty light pork / chicken curry with vermicelli. Traditional Local Toast, in many combinations - Butter, Sugar, Condensed Milk, Ovaltine Powder etc. Signature baked Cheese and Spinach bread. And if that's not enough, there's always home-baked Portuguese/European-style pastries nearby that you can take home too!
  14. If the cam car driver was a woman, his action/gesture would technically constitute both criminal intimidation and outrage of modesty based on the law. Even in the case of showing a woman driver the middle finger, it may also be constituted as outrage of modesty.