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  1. I think you'd probably get more authentically Thai food, drinks and desserts for reasonable prices at Golden Mile Complex than at these artificially-replicated and commercialised incarnations of 'Art-Box' or 'Chatuchak' in Singapore where the authenticity and quality of a large number of vendors are questionable, and so are the prices. Totally agreed with what Mock said. It's never the same experience to have something brought in front of you as compared to experiencing stuff in the actual local context. Yes, it may be blistering hot most of the year; it may be dusty; it may be crowded and you might get shoved, touted, or barged into; depending on where you stay it may be a long, but yet scenic ride on the BTS from say from Sukhumvit past Sanam Pao to Mo Chit; but that in essence is the true, authentic experience of Chatuchak - where there's something for everyone and occasionally you find really vendors with interesting and unique crafts (such as tote bags, home decor, pet stuff, and even the exotic pets themselves etc.) which you can't find elsewhere!
  2. Ronkovic

    Why more people are renewing COE?

    The point is, the policymakers don't want to be flexible because it would be contrary to the car-lite policy, of which the objective is to have lesser cars on the roads progressively. Making the means of enabling car ownership or prolonging the lifespan of an existing car 'easier' for the masses is henceforth not the priority. In short, if anyone wants to own a car, be it new or extending its COE, one has no choice but to just suck it up and either bear with the high upfront costs / extended interest / loans / foregoing of PARF. If there's any flexibility or advantages, it would be for the benefit of the policymakers, not the consumer.
  3. Ronkovic

    Makan in Thailand

    Had a nice simple breakfast at a home-cafe along the Chao Phraya river at Kudichin. It's a historical area - one of the earliest Portuguese settlements and enclaves from the 14th century that even pre-dates Bangkok - so there's a strong Portuguese and Catholic influence, just like Malacca; and some residents in the area are direct descendants of the early Portuguese settlers. Looks like Laksa, but its actually a very tasty light pork / chicken curry with vermicelli. Traditional Local Toast, in many combinations - Butter, Sugar, Condensed Milk, Ovaltine Powder etc. Signature baked Cheese and Spinach bread. And if that's not enough, there's always home-baked Portuguese/European-style pastries nearby that you can take home too!
  4. If the cam car driver was a woman, his action/gesture would technically constitute both criminal intimidation and outrage of modesty based on the law. Even in the case of showing a woman driver the middle finger, it may also be constituted as outrage of modesty.
  5. I don't think its the visor that's the problem. The mounting tape that secures the visor is likely the cause of the visor loosening so easily. Perhaps the installer use cheapo mounting tape rather than proper 3M Super Heavy Duty mounting tape.
  6. If anyone is concerned about which particular brands / range of products, can just look here: http://www.dolford.com.sg/products.html
  7. Ronkovic

    RGS move to Braddel with elitist statement

    If no such 'memorable' quotes are inserted into press articles, how else would wider attention be drawn to what would under usual circumstances be simplistic and insignificant move of a school to another location?
  8. Yes, apparently they can even survive a nuclear explosion. So a little 'homemade' garden improvisation isn't going to even scratch them. Somebody should tell this guy to just use Shelltox or the Wipeout.
  9. Ronkovic

    Parking Idiot / Parking Fail / Anyhow Park...

    No matter how 'somebody' he is, the wheel clamp still 'bigger' than him. I agree with your notion of how (sadly) a lot of noveuax riche behave just because they think they've 'made it' and develop this somewhat warped sense of entitlement. As the age-old saying goes, money can buy you almost anything, but it sure can't buy you class. I have been battling this on an almost weekly basis with some 'family members'; where this particular person who inherited a lot of money from his deceased parents' estate always attempts to 'upstage' and play a one-up-manship game to elevate himself at my expense. So he's always trying to be the one to appear intellectual and like he knows it all, tries to butt in when others are conversing with me and make himself the centre of attraction or authority figure, always tries to find out what car I own, how much I paid for my home, this and that ; and when he attempts to engage me in a conversation, its always filled with condescension. Like you, I sympathise with such frogs-in-the well, and recently have just totally disengaged to the point I don't even acknowledge his presence and treat him like transparent. Better to let them be and trip over themselves. I don't need to care so long as I'm content with what I have without needing to broadcast it to the world, and at least I can say I earned whatever little I have on my own merit, rather than from the benefit of a parental slush fund.
  10. Ronkovic

    Taxi service from City Square JB to sg

    Any indication of the cost? I recall many years back it was like SGD40 from Rochor to JB, and RM40 from JB to Rochor.
  11. Ronkovic

    Will SG auto qualify for WC 2034 as hosts?

    If you look at the other bidders, ASEAN's chances of winning the bid will be very low. The top choice would likely be China, and a distant second, the joint Australia-NZ bid. For one, China is a huge country, with a bigger market to draw crowds and ticket sales, the means of infrastructure, and has previous experience in hosting the Olympics. Likewise Australia has also hosted the Olympics, while NZ has hosted Rugby World Cup previously. The joint bid with NZ would enable more available venues, plus both are sports-crazy countries and are considered pretty safe. An ASEAN joint bid with so many stakeholders could certainly be challenging. First up, will FIFA approve granting additional qualifying slots for Asia? For China and Australia-NZ, it shouldn't affect the qualifying slots much as China would be merely 1 Asian spot, and Australia-NZ would be one Asian and Oceania spot. A combined ASEAN team may not be feasible too as I believe FIFA rules only allow for players to represent a single country rather than a combined bloc; and the tournament is meant for national teams only. Which is why Northern Ireland, Wales. England and Scotland participate as individual nations, rather than as part of a UK team; Also for example, FIFA does not recognise the Catalonia national team as it is an unofficial breakaway from the primary national team of Spain. Even if the remote possibility of an ASEAN team goes ahead, how do we determine 'equal' representation of the best players among all bidding countries, or select the 'best' players? As it is, within ASEAN, there is already a huge gulf in footballing standards across all the joint bidders, with countries like Vietnam and Thailand ahead of the rest. They'd also have to consider the logistics and infrastructure around ASEAN. Can the 5 joint bidders put up enough world-class facilities to accommodate all the various group games to be played? How would the visa/travel arrangements be made more seamless for both the travelling supporters? Traffic / Transport issues in major cities? Who should have the right to host the final (I'm sure every party would be fighting for that)? How will set up costs be funded and distributed? A lot of questions need to be answered before the joint bid can even take place or become reality.
  12. Wow, that sure sounded like the epitome of a day gone wrong! But I guess the bird poo barrage is the always the highlight of that place. In my case, people were probably amused to see some dude desperately pouring water and placing numerous damp tissues all of the 'hits' to loosen the soiled areas before rinsing it off before rushing off to get the car washed...
  13. When you wanna park at this car park, got to prepare yourself for a lot of 'aerial bombardment' to your car. Way back in the 90's, nearby there was also the small car park in front of Somerset MRT Entrance next to Hotel Phoenix then (Currently occupied by 313 Orchard) which always had that same issue. Looks like that area is a favourite roosting spot for birds, and still is.
  14. Ronkovic

    Missing Primary School Girls Seletar Mall

    Haha! At that time I don't think the level and reach of electronic surveillance was as extensive as it is now. Now I think it's been amplified and those who are aware of its far-reaching presence would probably argue it might even be somewhat 'intrusive'. For regular people who don't take a second look, they wouldn't have a clue.