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Found 5 results

  1. Anyone has any model to recommend ? - HD recording - Clear recording at night or dim lighting - Can record people scratching, of course when car is parked with engine off. Blackvue or Thinkware better??? Or any better brand? Which model?
  2. Ah_tee

    Car Scratcher at HBF

    Hi there you MF you scratched a CTR at harbourfront today thinking the CCTV is not pointing in this direction and you can get away with it ? you didnt check the car oppisite the CTR has a car cam recording you ? i am working out your identity now, please give me a day or two. i will proceed civil proceedings against you in all possible ways. please wait for me.
  3. dunno what happen, wake up and kanna this strange backside scratch of very fine lines from middle to side of boot area. Anyone else encountered such scratches before? Maybe cats trying to climb our cars? Wonder if it's a serial scratcher or someone backside itchy.... Sigh... not sure if should repair or not, used scratch removers but lines still visible. Too many dings and chips, making me a bit tired and starting to feel no point repairing liao...
  4. Ok, now I am pissed off with the slow police investigation. Last nite I shoot an email to my MPs, Police Commissioner, Quality Service Manager for SPF, Commander of AMK police division, Head of criminal investigation(AMK police division) and Commander of Sembawang NPC. I got a very fast reply from Commander of AMK police division and my MP, Dr Lim!!! Commander say an IO will contact me and Dr Lim say he will take up my case to the police. If this still doesnt help, my next step will be to approach the media. If u are wondering wat I had written, wonder no more, see below : Dear Dr Lim, I have been a resident of Sembawang GRC for the past five years and have been living in Singapore for the past 33+ years. Born, bred, educated and working in Singapore all my life. This is my first time writing to you appealing for help. I have done all I can to speed up my case with the police but it is still beyond the man-in-the-streets like me to get things going. For your information, I had casted my vote for you in the previous general election. I am glad that you had kept to your promise of making my Sembawang residence a pleasant and accessible place. The link bridge across the Sembawang River was built and a direct linked shelted and lighted footpath to the nearest bus shelter was built as promised in the brochures leading up to the previous general election. I may not be an active resident but I am an observant one and appreciative of your effort to serve the community. I will continue to support you in the next or future general elections. Here is a chronology of events : 16/01/10 Car was scratched on all panels and words "Dont park this lot" scratched on bonnet. All four tyres were punctured. Called police and made a police report. Police classified this as mischief rather than vandalism as mine was the only car that was vandalised. Called insurance to do own damage claim. Paid $300 excess as per my insurance policy, total bill came up to $3,200. Whole car was re-sprayed and brand new Nexen N5000 tyres installed. Collected car on 25/01/10. 30/01/10 Car was scratched again at a different parking lot! Except for the roof and boot, all panels were scratched and all four tyres were punctured again. The tyres were only 200+km old!!! Have not even been scrubbed in yet. Called police and made police report. But this time, my car camera was turned on 24/7 and captured the scratcher committing the act. Submitted video evidence to police and was advised to make magistrate complaint. The scratcher was Mr Chong Say Ting, NRIC number S1222706Z, MIT Colt SFC9973X, HP number 96367754, Address Blk 330 AMK. We had an accident before in July 2009 and I successfully made a claim against him. He lied in his accident report, therefore Income awarded 100% liability to him. Called my friend, using three jacks and one spare tyre, we removed the punctured tyres and went to purchase replacement set of tyres. It cost me $120 for the set of replacement tyres + lots of sweat!!! I did not re-spray the car as I know he will return. Made an insurance report by phone and was advised to file the report the following working day as it was only half-day working day on a Saturday. 01/02/10 Took one day leave and went to Sub-court to file a Magitrate Complaint against Mr Chong Say Ting. Magistrate directed the case for police investigation. Drove car to workshop for them to take photos of the damage and file an insurance report. They were surprised to see my car camera captured Mr Chong in the act so clearly. 06/02/10 Received letter from Sub-court saying case has been directed to AMK police division for investigation. 09/02/10 Received letter from AMK police division that they would be in charge of my case. 17/02/10 (4th day of CNY) Called IO Oh Wee Kee from Sembawang NPC who was in charged of the second case to check for updates. He replied that they had not called up Mr Chong for interview as he has not received instructions from his superior to conduct the investigation and they will step up patrol at my residence carpark. 18/02/10 (5th day of CNY) Car was scratched again at another different lot. Now, every single panel was scratched, the roof and boot that he missed previously were now scratched. All four tyres were also punctured. Called the police and made a police report. Yes, car camera was turned on and caught Mr Chong in the act again. This time he covered his head with a yellow towel but failed to cover his farking face. The scratcher was Mr Chong Say Ting, NRIC number S1222706Z, MIT Colt SFC9973X, HP number 96367754, Address Blk 330 AMK. He did walk around the vicinity of my car to check for any survellience camera before committing the act. But unknown to him, my camera is hidden in my car. I spoke very loudly to the attending female police officer at the scene and the attending police officer at the NPC. This is the third time already and to think the day before I spoke to the IO and he reassured me that patrols will be stepped up at my residence carpark. To tell the truth, there was zero police patrol captured on my car camera. There was also no carpark attendent patrolling to check on parking coupons. Went down to workshop and file another insurance report. Workshop employees and boss were all amused that the police did not even attempted to interview the suspect and he came down all the way from AMK to scratch my car three times. Called my friend again, he had to apply for half-day urgent leave to come and help me. Using three jacks and one spare tyre, we removed the punctured tyres and went to purchase replacement set of tyres. It cost me $200 for the set of replacement tyres this time + lots of sweat!!! Very few tyre shops were open due to CNY and most took the whole week off. I did not re-spray car as I knew he would return due to our incompetent SPF. 25/02/10 Zero updates from the police, I called IO Mohd Iiham to check on updates. It was after a few attempts over the pass few days that I managed to speak to him on the phone. He never picked up his office phone. His reply totally shocked me. He said he had more priority cases on hand. But he had called up Mr Chong to go down to the police station to assist in investigation. But Mr Chong refused as he said he was busy with work. IO said he cannot force Mr Chong to come down and will try to call him to make another appoinment with him. When asked to assist in investigation by the police, the public can reject??? WTF, he scratched my car three times and I get this type of reply from a police officer. He said he will look into the case and sms me his mobile number so that I can reach him easily. 05/03/10 Still zero updates from the police and the IO. Called up IO Mohd Iiham mobile and managed to get him this time. Showed him my displeasure and asked if he had interviewed Mr Chong in person. He again replied he was busy and have not arranged for Mr Chong to come down to the police station for interview. On that reply, I was pissed off with IO Mohd Iiham as he did not discharge his duties for my case at all and let the whole case drag on. I spoke to him loudly and made him assure me that he will give me an update within a week. My parting shot was the whole of AMK police division, there is only one single IO that is IO Mohd Iiham in charge of all cases cause he is always very busy with other cases except my case. With all video evidence on hand for two of the three cases, what are the police waiting for!!! It is a very straight forward case and should be closed as soon as possible instead of wasting resources. 08/03/10 Received a call from IO Mohd Iiham informing me that the police has classified the case as a criminal case. They had interviewed Mr Chong in person and confirmed that he is the person in the video. However Mr Chong has denied having any involvement in this case. The IO requested for the official invoice and quotation for the damages to my car and I made an appointment with him at AMK police station the next day. Rushed down to workshop after work to get the official invoice and quotation for the damages to my car. 09/03/10 Took half-day leave and met up with IO Mohd Iiham. Passed him the invoice, quotation, CD containing all details of three scratching case and previous accident with Mr Chong and a copy of the insurance accident report previously filed against Mr Chong. IO Mohd Iiham explained to me that Mr Chong denied being involved in this scratching case despite being shown the picture of him being caught on camera committing the act. However when shown the picture, Mr Chong's face was fully flushed red with shock and filled with guilt as described by the IO. He still signed the false statement being recorded by the IO, thus police might consider adding an additional charge of making a false police statement against him. The IO said that they will be treating this case as a criminal case and will be charging Mr Chong in court. The case will be handed over to a criminal IO who will then put forward this case to the state prosecuter. The police will try to push for this case to be charged under vandalism act instead of mischief act as it is now three counts of mischief by Mr Chong already. 22/03/10 To date no further updates from the police. Called IO Mohd Iiham, he told me that the case has been transferred to criminal investigation and he will help me find out who will be the Criminal IO in charge. 23/03/10 IO Mohd Iiham called me to inform me that the Chief Criminal Investigator is on overseas attachment so my case is still pending for a criminal IO to take charge. He will only be back on 29/03. He is the only person who will disseminate my case to the criminal IOs. So its back to the waiting game again. I am hoping that the court will fine, jail and cane Mr Chong. Also make him compensate my damages and time spent taking leave, visiting NPC, my workshop and loss of use of vehicle. I hope that you are able to direct the police to get my case going and charge the suspect as soon as possible so that my car can now be repaired and I can resume my normal life without looking at my car every morning hoping that it is not vandalised. This has been going on for too long already since I filed my Magistrate Complaint on 1st Feb 2010. Thank You for your time reading my letter. Best Regards, Adrian Lee *PS - Sorry for some expletives, this is to show the emotion of me at that point of time.
  5. Hey bros i'm living in the 6th floor (HDB). Clear view of the open carpark. Just wondering what options are there to "equip" myself to catch the errant car scratcher who often scratched new cars indiscriminately. i'm not looking for trouble or quarrel. i just hope to give him/her a warning should i catch him red handed. my nephew will be on school holidays and has volunteered to help me set up and monitor. thanks bros!