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Found 9 results

  1. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/05/13/investing/jcpenney-bankruptcy-bonuses/index.html Reward first, do paperwork later New York (CNN Business)As JCPenney struggles with missed debt payments and prepares for a possible bankruptcy filing, it approved bonuses of $1 million or more to its top four executives. JCPenney won't comment on its bankruptcy plans, but it disclosed that it missed two recent debt payments: $12 million due to bond holders on April 15, and a $17 million payment due on a credit line this past Thursday. The grace periods for those missed payments are Thursday and Friday this week, suggesting a bankruptcy filing could be imminent. But the company announced Monday evening it has paid a $4.5 million bonus to CEO Jill Soltau, and bonuses of $1 million each for CFO Bill Wafford, Chief Merchant Michelle Wlazlo and Chief Human Resources Officer Brynn Evanson. JCPenney said the big paydays are designed to keep its top talent on board. "At JCPenney, we are making tough, prudent decisions to protect the future of our company and navigate an uncertain environment, including taking necessary steps to retain our talented management team," said a company in a statement. Under the plan, the executives will have to repay 80% of their bonuses if they resign before January 31, 2021. They will have to repay the other 20% if specified milestone-based performance goals are not achieved. Bankruptcy filings often include deep job cuts, and in many cases, those employees who are laid off are unable to get the severance payments that they would normally receive with the loss of their jobs. Bankruptcy law gives a preference to creditors over employee severance payments. If any of the executives have to repay bonuses, the money will be set aside to pay severance. But there are a number of JCPenney employees who could lose their jobs if their stores close as part of a reorganization. The company had about 90,000 employees as of February 1. Earlier this week, 16 JCPenney stores out of nearly 850 nationwide reopened. Another 25 openings were announced Wednesday. And it has another 13 stores allowing curb-side pickup, although those locations are not allowing shoppers to go inside the stores.
  2. Mockngbrd

    Hertz up lorry

  3. Jeff08

    Hertz brand

    was recently introduced to this brand. any comments on the component speakers & subwoofer? thanks.
  4. Looking for either this 2 brands. budget $600 or below per pair. Heard from friend said Hertz good in speaker and audison good in amp . True?? 2) 5 1/4 or 6 1/2 which is better for mid bass ? saw some forum mention 6 1/2 much much better. true ???
  5. Any user comments or those who had done a comparision before? Which giives a better overall sound? Price of these 2 sets are similar.
  6. Les1971

    Hertz DSK165

    Hi, Anyone use the Hertz DSK165 speaker before? Anyone know where can i get this speaker?
  7. Kieran1975

    Hertz MLK speakers

    Need some comments on this Hertz MLK speakers, anyone using it? is it good match with my current setup? HU:Clarion WXZ466MP Front : CDT CL62 componet speaker to be replace by Hertz MLK speakers. Rear: Lanzar 2way coxial to be replace by CDT CL62 componet speaker AMP: Genesis Profile 2 for Hertz MLK speakers. Sub: Pioneer TS-WX22A Active Subwoofer 150 watt Note: will be getting another 2 channel amp for CDT. http://www.caraudiomag.com/features/cae_07...5/photo_01.html
  8. Hi everyone, just to highlight that there is a Audison & Hertz carnival at Soundwerkz on the Sunday 30th Dec. Those who looking to upgrade their current system might want to check them out on sunday. Heard there will be packages on promotion. Can visit their website to know more. http://www.sound-werkz.com Just a bit of contribution. Was at there doing up soundproofing and was told of this event. Nothing affilated with the mentioned shop, just thought it might helps those who thinking of update their current sound. Cheers!
  9. Bro .. interested in getting this italy Hertz components speakers ... any comments? thanks