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Found 3 results

  1. Donut

    Odd shaped Living Hall

    I went to view a condo recently and it has an odd shaped living hall. Hall is quite big. just that the odd shape will pose a challenge in renovation. I want to break the odd shape Could anyone give ideas on how i can renovate in a way to address this odd shaped or to break this odd shape? If i put the TV console against the wall, then the sofa and sitting area would have to in the middle of the hall.
  2. Eight Design Pte Ltd Singapore’s Best Office and Residential Interior Design Consultancy We enable you to invest in true creative vision and innovative project solutions. When it comes to commercial and residential interior design in Singapore, there is no going past Eight Design. We are the fastest, the most innovative, and the best. Over more than 15 years in the industry, our firm has cultivated a reputation for providing comprehensive range of renovation and design solutions including everything from concept through to execution. Our company is known for meticulous attention to detail, uncompromising commitment to quality, and superior customer service capabilities which set us apart from many other firms in the city. We pride ourselves in striking the perfect balance between creativity and practicality. Our renovation services encompass both the latest interior trends with timeless design that lasts the distance. In this sense, we take a multifaceted approach to design which results in a high polish finish that is simultaneously of the moment and perennially chic. We pride ourselves in creating living spaces that are tailored to the needs of our clients’ individual lifestyles. Our services represent true value for money and are wholly affordable when compared with other Singapore firms. Our Firm Provides the Top Fast Commercial Renovation Solutions on the SG Market Offering a diverse range of top interior design and renovation solutions, our company is one of the most dynamic in the industry. We have experience working on a broad range of projects including office design and residential renovation of both HDB and landed properties in Singapore. Each and every project we undertake is unique as we customize our services to suit the needs of every client. Whether that means a fast renovation on an inner city residence or a complete design overhaul for a commercialresidence undergoing rebranding, our designers are more than capable of helping you achieve what you envision. Here you can browse through our consultancy’s commercial and residential portfolios which feature some of the best real estate and interior design in Singapore. For more information on our company’s range of capabilities, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The Interior Contractor Singapore Trusts Eight Design delivers creative yet practical solutions to both Residential and Commercial spaces. During our 15 years of experience we have become one of the top interior design firms Singapore can offer. Our team is on crest of modern trends whilst also established in understanding tradition, meaning that they have the complete toolbox with which to release your room’s potential. An abundance of creativity and grounding in practicality allows Eight Design to deliver dreams like no other interior design firm in Singapore. Bring vibrancy, joy and life to that previously unloved room. Cast a new light on your property, enhancing both value and quality of life.We believe in commitment, quality and cost-effectiveness. We believe we are the best of the best interior designers in Singapore. The Most Complete Singapore Interior Design Firm As the best interior design company in Singapore, we are proud of our expertise in both Commercial and Residential spaces. We understand the different requirements of each environment and love nothing more than tailoring our services accordingly. Whether you want to wow clients in a thriving office environment or create homelife that lets your family flourish in modern comfort, we have the solution for you. Trust our team of designers with your next project and share results that have satisfied a diverse and returning client base. We are proud of our work, look at our Commercial and Residential portfolios to see why Eight Design is Number One across Singapore. See below for a sample of just some of our solutions and please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, advice and quotes. Eight Design Pte Ltd No.47 Kallang Pudding Road,Crescent@Kallang #09-11 S(349318) Phone: 64449811 Website: www.eightdesign.com.sg
  3. The cabin of the cars we drive are something that needs lots of thought during the design stage. It is quite necessary as this is the place that most of us spend during commutes. It is also the space where we use to carry our carry items like our shopping and small goods, if we are too lazy to pop the boot that is. The cabin is also the space where we put our take-away meals and drinks. We have our cup holders for our Starbucks coffee and other storage space to carry those burger boxes too. However, in Asia, especially this region we carry our food and drinks in the ubiquitous transparent plastic bags tied with a plastic string (very plastic indeed). These bags do not come with a flat base for putting them flat and if you fill it up with our local favourite, the 'teh tarik' (something loosely translated to pulled tea or milk tea) then you need someplace to hook it. These days most cars do not have the pop up door locks as it is safely located at the door handles instead of up where the door sills are. And you cannot use the coat hook that is usually located at the grab handles near the roof of the car. Imagine hanging a plastic bag filled with hot tea up there. What you need is a proper hook located somewhere where it is easy to reach and safe to carry the hot the tarik bags. Some cars like the Malaysian Proton Exora MPV and some variants of the Perodua Myvi come with these hooks standard. The Proton Exora has one up front on the dashboard too (the main picture above). Proton even acknowledges this as the 'teh tarik hook' as quoted by a veteran Malaysian journalist. Volkswagen has this as an option to be used for those with the car's head rest supports, which is quite forward thinking for a European brand in order to cater to local markets. While you can buy these 'teh tarik hooks' really cheap at any car accessory shop, I think these hooks should be made standard on all cars sold in South East Asia. Manufacturers, do take note. -Proton Exora seat hook - VW snakey option