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Found 8 results

  1. Is Turbocharge Supercharge (TSI) the direction for car development to push more power ? TSI seems like a good idea where a small engine displacement can produce a lot of power and yet it is fuel efficient. Fuel efficiency is the key selling point for car now, isn't it ? Can other car also implement TSI ? Is TSI VW proprietary technology ?
  2. FaezClutchless

    Toyota and Lexus to get a performance sub brand

    Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) has been responsible for many of Toyota's motorsport campaigns which includes Formula 1, World Rally Championships and the 24 Hours Le Mans competition. And ever since Toyota pulled out of Formula 1 in 2009, the company has been busy with several projects; mainly with the development of the TS030 Hybrid Le Mans race cars that participated in the 24 Hours Le Mans recently. Toyota Team Europe Group A Toyota Celica GT4 ST185 A little history about the company before we continue with the story. Toyota Motorsport GmbH started in the 1970s as Toyota Team Europe (TTE). The company was responsible for providing technical support for rally driver, Ove Andersson, who was driving a Celica at that time. They also developed the first Japanese car to win the WRC. In 1993, TTE changed their name to what it is today and they got involved in other racing competitions as well such as the Le Mans and Formula 1. Toyota Motorsport GmbH, which is located in Cologne, Germany is run by Yoshiaki Kinoshita who recently mentioned that he wants TMG to become Toyota
  3. Going by the points system in MCF, it seems that TurboCharge is better than SuperCharge, is this the case? Given a choice, would you SC or TC your car??? or buy a SC or TC car? Is this a topic for L & E or General Car Discussion?
  4. Is it possible to add Turbo to your engine? isit Legal?? i recently saw a video a USA man added Turbo to a Lancer EX GT
  5. Hi guys, Any idea what is the difference between these 2? Read that VW's new version of golf is the first car that will combine both technology.
  6. I know read someone has TC'ed their cars. I'm wondering if you can share your project, and specs? Here's my TC plan layout. Total budget is $1500 USD or $3k SGD. Any comments? Turbo T3 super 60 trim Internal wastegate (10psi) oil cool only (water is too troublesome) Fuel Delivery Returnless -> return fuel system conversion AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator Vortex FMU 400cc Injectors Management tuning Vortex FMU (boost tuning) E-Manage (fine tune only) w/ boost harness (electronic AF fine tuning) w/ Ignition harness (retard timing at boost >8 psi) Split Sec ESC1 - force open loop operation when boost > 1psi. Manifold + pipes Ceramic coated, steel log style manifold, T3 flange mounted on top. - EGT bung 2.5 inch steel downpipe - O2 sensor bung - additional wideband O2 sensor bung (for tuning only) 2.5 inch steel, painted charge pipes Intercooler, recirculating BOV, oil tap lines Gauges: AF gauge, EGT, fuel pressure gauge.
  7. After I read this article, I've learnt alot of new insights about turbo. http://www.cse.uconn.edu/~yelevich/turbo/turbo.html When you buy a car, choose one with exhaust manifold facing the front of the car... Mine is towards the firewall Looks like turbo is not a major operation on the car... Just altering the intake and exhausts slightly. I'm only wondering what did they do with MAP sensor? If they bypass/trick it, how does the ECU tune the car base on MAP sensor information? I'm recently researching about turbo because I've test driven my friend's 83 Turbo GTI 1.6l.... Once you boost, you never go back...