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In Topic: EPL 18/19 - New Season Begins

Yesterday, 09:55 PM

20 richest sports team owners ranked by Forbes.
Don’t know why City owner Sheikh Mansour not inside. Mostly in American sports but some in football as well like the Chelsea, Arsenal, Fulham, Leicester n Spurs owners.

In Topic: EPL 18/19 - New Season Begins

Yesterday, 06:29 PM

heard of him but can't say i know him.... i started following arsenal during george graham time

Also before my time but he is legendary n there is a bust of him at the marbled floor entrance of Highbury previously. Arsenal were very proud of him n their entrance as it was posh for that era. Of course can’t compare to today’s modern stadiums.

I followed football from 1972 n Arsenal just won the double the previous season under Bertie Mee. They were the team to beat in those days n winning the Double was considered the ultimate!! European Cup as it was known then was secondary for English teams.

In Topic: EPL 18/19 - New Season Begins

Yesterday, 03:20 PM

Table here is not permanent.

Fabio Capello (21) ahead of Zidane (22) ahead of Bob Paisley (26) ahead of Jurgen Klopp (27)...... lol

Some still at work, some retired and some may be somewhere else.

If Zidane and Klopp win some big trophies down the road, ranking will change for sure.

Btw where is Sven Erikkson? [thumbsdown]

Ya lah, this list subjective but good for discussions n to remember some of the great Mgrs who are not in the game anymore. U can arguably say Bob Paisley (supposedly the greatest Pool Mgr of all time) shld be higher up the table as well.

In Topic: EPL 18/19 - New Season Begins

Yesterday, 03:18 PM

ok tks!

Holland's total football was indeed innovative. I didn't watch the 74 final but caught the 78 one. It was a real pity that Holland didn't win either of them, and ended up losing finalists both times during their peak. Did they have the same manager both times? If yes, then he must be somebody. Don't think there's (m)any managers bringing their national team to consecutive WC finals.

But never heard of him before leh - so in that sense, i also don't think he can be no. 1.

Much as i don't like Fergie and Utd, i guess it's difficult to argue that he should be no. 1 for what he had achieved. Must give credit where it's due.

I’m not sure if he was Mgr in 1978, suspect it’s different Mgr if memory serves me right. Most of the Dutch Mgrs are good. Think Cruyff was inspired by him n Pep in turn inspired by Cruyff. So can say he’s the grandfather of Pep’s beautiful game😃

In Topic: EPL 18/19 - New Season Begins

Yesterday, 12:10 PM

humm, quite surprise trapattoni is higher then lippi.

frank rijkaard also can make it??

Lippi won the WC so in that sense he shld be higher placed but Trappatoni n Saachi always considered better as they were shrewd tacticians n did well with limited resources esp Trap. Saachi had Baggio to boost his team.