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In Topic: What Did You Makan Today PT 6

Today, 01:53 PM

From Ayam Penyet Stall but it’s Fish instead 😋

In Topic: COE Bidding – 2nd Round of May 2019

Today, 01:51 PM

Honda reduced Cat A car prices by $6k whilst Toyota reduced by about $7k depending on models.

Some like Hyundai only reduced by $3k but they sometimes have additional discounts which they only offer if u go down from what I know.

In Topic: EPL 18/19 - New Season Begins

Today, 09:25 AM

EPL total prize money including TV. Pool topped this table ahead of City and Chelsea.

All the teams bar Huddersfield raked in above 100mil



Team                                No. of Live Games             Prize Money in total


Manchester City               26                                       150,986,355

Liverpool                          29                                       152,425,146

Chelsea                            25                                       146,030,216

Tottenham                       26                                        145,230,801

Arsenal                            25                                        142,193,180

Manchester United           27                                         142,512,868

Wolves                            15                                         127,165,114

Everton                           18                                         128,603,905

Leicester                         15                                         123,328,078

West Ham                       16                                         122,528,663

Watford                           10                                         113,895,527

Crystal Palace                 12                                         114,215,215

Newcastle                       19                                         120,130,418

Bournemouth                  10                                         108,139,973

Burnley                           11                                         107,340,558

Southampton                  10                                         104,302,937

Brighton                          13                                         105,741,728

Cardiff                             12                                         102,704,107

Fulham                            13                                         101,904,692

Huddersfield                    10                                         96,628,865


In Topic: Singapore Private Property prices.still up or down? Part III

Yesterday, 06:08 PM

HDB BTO pegged to market rate, so no surprises here. Even with the 6% increase still much cheaper than resale within same vicinity and you get brand new! [:p]

As mentioned ... 'SG property, always good to be in as early as possible' [;)]

That’s true! Heard from another MCF bro that the Telok Blangah 4rm flats going for $250k+ more than original price but this partly cos keys ready n there’s been a lapse of 3-4yrs at least but even then it’s astonishing n goes to confirm that young couples shld always apply BTO for first flat esp if their incomes are within the limit. Can always buy condo later if that is the aspiration even though condo may also have gone up but % wise BTO upside shld be greater?

In Topic: Singapore Private Property prices.still up or down? Part III

Yesterday, 01:26 PM

HDB launches 6,735 flats in May


Some of the balance left over 4rm flats from Jalan Satu (Geylang) are going at $30k+ more vs original launch price. 

I know cos I happen to have the original launch prices and compared vs the latest prices. I suppose it was 2 years ago hence inflation and time value jacked the prices up but its still about a 6% increase which is steep by anyone's standards, let alone HDB BTO!