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Thanks. Nice game. I suppose I could've cut down on one guess if I'd turned on my brain a bit. Brung is somewhat dialect-dependent and non-standard (but a valid Scrabble word). I also didn't optimise it by including the "R" in my second guess, I was focusing on the vowels. Hard mode apparently prevents that, but I can't try that till the timer counts down.

I started with RAISE in honour of you. I guess I could've started with anything, but excluding 3 vowels right off the bat is bang for the buck. 🙂

It's a bit irritating that you have to wait hours for the next round. I tested it in incognito mode with an overseas VPN on, same deal. Getting it on the first try gets you "Genius", which is bollocks. 😂


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Mine was :





WRUNG ...... 5th try

Now wait till midnight for new word [laugh]

was lucky on the 3rd line. Got U as the right alphabet in the right location. With R, N also valid alphabets, easy to arrive at the answer.











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my favorite 5 char word is "CHINA" AKA GREAT MOTHERLAND. If you cant get it right within the 5 tries, then its definitely biased coding from the app.... shd be developed in the western world... 

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Haha...The game is quite addictive.

Next one, don't pichar lobang early in the morning hor. 😂Just share result. 

Only once a day only, can't get enough of it.  😂😂😂

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Wordle 227 6/6


phew. 😂

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