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  1. Yi-xuan

    Where can i buy these?

    Stamford Tyres sell window films in rolls. You can choose the size that you need.
  2. Yi-xuan

    Which Hotel Buffet in JB can eat!

    If keen in Japanese Buffet, there is one near Pelangi Giant. Its just at the traffic junction where u make a u-turn to enter the Giant carpark. Nice spread of sashimi and alot of cooked food including sharksfin soup miso soup, smoke/bbq abalone slices, free flow of drinks, deserts, etc, etc. Only cost around RM50 on weekends but try to make reservations for weekend. Its easily noticeable from the road side with a Korean Restaurant upstairs. Found some info on them http://www.lifestyle2u.com.my/venue/johor-...restaurant.html
  3. Yi-xuan

    Bring ear plugs for F1

    My boss is angmo and he has been to F1 races in Sepang before. That day he said.. ear plugs are useless coz its way too loud. Then 1 day, someone sold headphones to use like earplugs and at the same time can listen to the commentary.... In the end.. also cant hear anything when the cars zoom pass.
  4. Yi-xuan

    Corolla - can never overtake them

    No stamina to finish the whole clip. See till I car sick & still dunno what its about.
  5. Yi-xuan

    Honda Stream or Toyota Wish

  6. Yi-xuan

    Parallel Importer Workshop(scary)

    I also got my car from a PI. Smooth process. Its about whom you buy from. As for warranty, don't expect the coverage to be like from AD and I think PI & AD price difference could be a few thousand bucks. Which part of the car can fail that will cost that amount to repair? Check the warranty booklet for details. Just to share, for my case, I stopped going back after my 1k servicing coz after going through the booklet, the item that is most prone to spoil is not covered (ie. absorbers)so I rather go do at my own preferred workshop. When the time comes to replace the absorbers, I just get the parts and find a workshop to install them. Of coz I bear the risk but then, if you are getting a tried and tested model, not much to worry about, the savings from servicing elsewhere should be enough to cover those parts that are expected to fail in time.
  7. Yi-xuan

    Sell Car In One Month's Time

    Maybe they asked seller to quote lower price and in the front, they advertise but behind the screen, they already tied up with car dealers to get like 1-2k more, plus the commission the seller is paying, sure win for them and used car dealers also get a good deal. win win situation for them and car dealer but not really so for the seller.
  8. Yi-xuan

    Road trip to Ipoh

    What are the non-carrot head prices there? Any indicatives? Thanks. Regards, Only been to the 2 more famous stalls.. forgot the name. Anyway, not outrageously carrot head, just slightly higher than what they charged the locals, still affordable. The beansprouts was grown from black beans and watered using the mountain water, so its sweet and big. Can't find here. Go cameron can buy flowers for your wife/gf, RM5 for 3 stalks. But it won't last downhill. Felt that cameron is not as cool as Genting. Try the steamboat there, some use organic vegetables, very sweet.
  9. Yi-xuan

    Road trip to Ipoh

    Try the beansprout n chicken rice there too but beware of kenna carrot head. Maybe slightly more ex comparing to a local. Nearby the chicken rice stalls, there's a chinese cake n cookie shop, quite nice too. You can also visit those caves that's along the way to NSH.
  10. Yi-xuan

    Do You Remove Small Pebbles In-between Tyre Treads

    Just a point of thought. By removing those pebbles, in some way, it don't shorten the lifespan of the tyres too. As it will be difficult for the pebbles to drop off themselves, as time past, it get embedded deeper into the grove, causing some damage to the tyre thread.
  11. A kind brother found this from their JPJ website. Official JPJ website. I suggest all bros/sis print a copy and keep. Show to the TP when stopped.... Translated and it means SG and Brunei vehicles are exempted from this rule. Spread this around. Hope its useful.
  12. Yi-xuan

    M'sian Made Oil Recycled?

    Think the number inside the 3 arrows refers to how many times the material used to make the plastic container was recycled rather than the content inside.
  13. Yi-xuan

    Which is better?Meguaire or soft99??

    Stamford tyres also selling at $24 but u get 10% off with safra card. check out yahoo auctions, saw someone selling at $18 before.
  14. Yi-xuan

    What is the lifespan of Stock Dampers?

    So long? Sure or not?
  15. hi guys, Typically, what is the average lifespan of stock dampers?