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  1. ThePeak

    Battery indicator, what can be wrong?

    Thanks bro..cheers.
  2. ThePeak

    Battery indicator, what can be wrong?

    My batt just died at my workplace....will jump start later, anione noe which workshop is open after 8pm?
  3. ThePeak

    Jbee Petrol

    Thats Petronas Stn for u....used to pump petronas for my previous cars,,,,gives me better mileage...have to agree that Petronas has the balance btn responsive n consumption. I travelled alot those days up to KL for work. But for current car, Esso giving me d best mileage.
  4. When i come in MCF...i feel poor..
  5. ThePeak

    AFF susuki cup 2012

    N to tink he is a striker since schooling days...n now he is definately one of the best defenders ard....he has d maturity n composure ....
  6. ThePeak

    Heavy Rain

    It onli happen once in 50 yrs.
  7. ThePeak

    Sg ferrari convoy accident karak hway

    Tis is d nature of some forummers in MCF...if u notice, when an accident, especially involving expensive super cars, there will b remarks like driver cant handle car, prolly daddy bgt it for them, bad driving skills etc....it amuses me just to read..hahaha...sometimes i really wonder those who posted such comments have extensive driving experience elsewer or they themselves really believe they are better n safer driver???
  8. ThePeak

    Chelsea after sacking of RDM and all related!

    Chelsea will finish top 3, but weder they be the champ is another story. Cant imagine they b 4th with their squad. I personally tink its them n the 2 manchester club in top 3....it will b interesting to see who finishes 4th. It will b a huge surprise if arsenal break into the top 3, all depends on Jan transfer market. I myself wld take up tis chelsea job if im Benitez..hahhaha..well the contract is up to end season n benitez been jobless more than a year..yes i noe hes not poor by any standard but tis is a chance to make $$$$...with chelsea u'll b booted out anitime regardless of throphies u bring in...so y not take the offer..
  9. ThePeak

    Accident at AYE

    Reminds me of an incident in mid 90s...was heading towards Spore from KL when got stopped by their TP for 'speeding'. After checking particulars of my colleague ( hes d driver ), we somehow understood that d TP requesting kopi money. So my frend told him we have used up all our money except some loose notes but in USD. Asked if hes ok n as expected he agreed. The exchange rate were good those days. But the onli prob is dat the notes were counterfeit, my colleague himself gt duped into receiving those notes. He onli told me abt d notes onli after we moved off. Hahaha we had a good laugh tinking how he might react after a trip to the money changer.
  10. ThePeak

    Name Calling

    What is the meaning when ppl call u Mr. Lai? My colleague were havin some office banter so when i step in to join, they were talking abt calling someone Mr Lai. Unfortunately i do not understand this name calling of Mr Lai, n d joke is now on me that i do not noe the meaning of Mr Lai. So can any kind hearted soul explain to me??
  11. ThePeak

    Name Calling

    Free trip to sg version...the Mt Faber,,,entrance fee waive off for u...
  12. ThePeak

    Name Calling

    ok guys,,,bro Enye is corrrect...its abt pinning blame on others. Actually they were talking abt the accounts manager, just that i do not understand this name callin of ''Mr Lai''. They were surprised that i do not noe, according to them 90% of chinese noe this!!
  13. ThePeak

    Name Calling

    they said its not....
  14. ThePeak

    Who Is Amy Cheong?

    So u NZealander??? Maori or angmoh?? or just another asian like me?
  15. ThePeak

    Who Is Amy Cheong?

    er..Tis Darryn i suspect coming from Malaysia....so Darryn u from Malaysia? Feeling kind of oppress there dats y feel nice to release some steam here ah???
  16. He must have thought that as long as its asian face, he/she must b Sporean. We cant blame tourist like him, he woudnt know whos citizen/new citizen/pr here. With the nos. of new citizen/pr/work permit here, it wuldnt surprise me if he meet more of them than the actual citizen in tis island.
  17. ThePeak

    Heartbreaking story of acountry we no longr call home

    U PR? Born here?
  18. ThePeak

    Scholar ask help from China embassy

    The govt dont need ppl like Fay but need FT like Sun. Enuf said.
  19. He's insomniac...4 hrs is norm for him but definately not for us...lol...During his younger days, he's been thru 2 straight nite w/o sleeping. Al least for him now..he can sleep at nite like normal ppl even though its just 3-4 hrs.
  20. My frend whos suffering from insomnia said that in this modern times, its not so bad,theres internet and cable tv. When he was in school way back in the 80s...its a torture, video tapes n magazine keeps him sane..lol. The mental torture of just staying awake at 2-3 am almost make him mad. Today he just get by with 3-4 hrs of sleep. Well, theres internet, cable tv and plenty of magazines available these days...hahaha
  21. ThePeak

    RI boy kena back stabbed

    Assuming his frm RI, then tis boy on IB programme (u go google it)..straight to A level track....smart kid....FYI its now known as RI (Secondary) n RI (JC).... Aniway theres nothing wrong with tis RI boy goin out for lunch wif his frend dats from SA.
  22. Pls dont say that he chose not to leave. Since his the onli 1 there (not his fault), do we really noe if theres any directive from up stating that he shd not leave unless for certain issues/ cases???
  23. Nope im not from SPF. Dont even serve SPF during NS. His reason is not lame, im sure if theres some crazy ass start slashing ppl ard wif a chopper, he will definately come out.
  24. They are not there for populist effect. They maybe other cases which need his immediate attention, more serious cases. N yes u r rite, somebody else wld have dialled 995.