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Found 6 results

  1. Girl_powerful

    Is hunting down modified cars necessary?

    Why not just made these cars undergo annual vehicle inspection? LTA hunting down cars with illegal modifications By Esther Ng SINGAPORE - Car enthusiasts are making a lot of noise. That's after the authorities started hunting down those who had illegal modifications done to their cars. The number of motorists caught for such modifications jumped from an average of 146 cases per month in 2008 to 611 per month last year. This shot up to 920 per month between January and July this year. A Land Transport Authority (LTA) spokesman said it had received many complaints from the public and had stepped up its enforcement - hence the spike in cases. The public wanted the authorities to come down harder on illegal modification by imposing heftier penalties. Just before a sitting of Parliament on Oct 15, Nee Soon GRC MP Lee Bee Wah told The Straits Times that she had received complaints from residents along YishunAvenue 1 about vehicle noise. "They always complain that at midnight or early in the morning, there are a lot of cars or motorbikes racing. These vehicles come from Lower Seletar Reservoir to the HDB area," she said. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) told The New Paper that modifications of aftermarket exhaust systems are allowed. But these exhaust systems must have undergone testing either by the vehicle manufacturer or independent test laboratories, and be certified to comply with internationally-recognised standards on safety and emissions. Said LTA: "Our guiding principle in regulating vehicle modifications is safety - to ensure the mechanical performance of the car is maintained, and that road safety, vehicle exhaust and noise emissions standards are not compromised." The spokesman said that while the modification of the exhaust system "does not directly affect the brakes or steering system, the latter may not be built to handle this increased horse power or speed". So such modifications would require LTA's approval, it said. As of September, LTA has approved 81 aftermarket exhaust systems. LTA said that high-performance cars such as Ferraris and Lamborghinis are allowed on the road as they come with factory-fitted exhausts specifically manufactured and designed for these vehicles, and comply with the requisite safety and exhaust noise/emissions standards. For older vehicles, where the original parts are no longer available, LTA said it will "consider allowing the use of customised exhaust systems or alternative parts based on a case-by-case basis". For tinted windows, LTA said they will be considered illegal if the following requirements are not met: The resultant light transmittance for the front windscreen and two front side windows must be at least 70 per cent. The resultant light transmittance for the rear windscreen and the rear passenger windows must be at least 25 per cent. The front windscreen must not prevent, obstruct or interfere with the transmission of signals between the In-vehicle Unit and Electronic Road Pricing facility. They must comply with internationally recognised standards for safety glasses.
  2. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/text/nn20111210a4.html
  3. Hunting around for a new set of rims...problem is my current 15" are warped, but my tyres are still pretty new...so I'm torn between just replacing the rims or go for an entire upgrade to 16" or 17" Went down to Leong Seng and fell in like with the ROH Adrenaline (Realised Turbobrick using that too) but only comes in 16" and 17" and weighs 12kg! Dun think my car can tahan the weight At a loss at what to do now ...haiz Looked at the OZ SL 17" at 7kg! But the 17" looks like its 15" !!!! Not good.... And prefer the gun metal color of the ROH... Next looked at 5Zigen Fireball Gun Metal ....NICE......but dunno whats the weight.... What u guys think???
  4. Andy_1703

    Job Hunting (need help~!)

    Hi bros and sistas My gf had been looking for a job for 2months but still no luck.. She is a graduate in UOL Bsc Business (expecting a First class honours) and looking for HR, Marketing or Operations positions.. She had some pior experience in HR and Marketing.. Anyone's company have an opening can please PM me?? Appreciate any help rendered! Thanks
  5. market is quite bad at the moment hence help a friend to look for job openings.. just wondering if anyone has any friends working wif recuirtment agencies or head hunting companies to recommend? any input is appreciated!
  6. Fortress

    Engine Rev Went Hunting

    Hi all, Anyone experienced these before....Engine Rev hunting ie... goes up and down during idle...and it can be very high at start up (0- 3,000RPM). Guess it is the coil pack but will be most happy if someone can advise on the issue, how much i cost you to rectify and what was it. Thanks. Anyway, battery went flat, probably due shorting somewhere and Gearshift bushing failed too (S$10 fix).