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Found 16 results

  1. Stepper

    Toyota Allion

    This car looks good. Anyone have the indication of the price? Saw 1 on the road just now along AMK. http://paultan.org/archives/2007/06/05/toy...allion-for-jdm/ Nice interior. Nice specs. Push button start somemore.
  2. created this thread for Toyota Premio & Allion owners to talk about it........me being diving my premio for two years already and everyday I m in love with it my baby
  3. Hi all, What is the difference between toyota premio & allion? Beside the tailight diff, i can't see any diff le. Engine spec and other feature same too right?
  4. Are there any recommendations for tyres for my Toyota Allion A15? In 2009, people recommended the Bridgestone Potenza Re080 195 60 R16 88h I bought these at Soh Tyres. Any new recommendations?
  5. Diesel

    Sylphy vs. Allion (1.5A)

    Considering these 2 sedans, all comments appreciated Allion Better FC Super CVT-i + VVT-i Reclining rear seats Sylphy Gd svc centre Luxurious interior Pricing-wise both around the same range & OMV of around 18k thereabouts.
  6. Thinking of changing my stock rotor & caliper to those 4pot performance caliper for my ride but some mechanic told me it will slower down my pickup. But saw some swift (1.3) no those sport type install it, still going around with it. Any Bro had try it on their allion/premio, can please advise. Thanks
  7. Hi All Wonder 2008 2nd hand Toyota Allion or Altis 2008(new) which one better ? Both are selling about same price. In term of build quality, FC, space, spare part and maintenance which one better. I know Allion is PI product so don't know spare part OK or not, and also the 3rd year warranty don't know still valid or the agent OK or not. Thanks.
  8. Skiver

    Toyota Axio or Allion?

    Hi! Am now considering toyota Axio and Allion so hop that you can share with me your experience witht he 2 cars and which PI you get it from? Understanding that there is so many PI and that the difference in price is quite great for few of them. Thanks!
  9. Hi! Heard that Allion uses keyless entry so does not come with car alarm and even if installed with it, it might interfere with the existing keyless system. Is that true? If that is true, then how to protect the car from theft?
  10. Quantum

    Allion 1.8 or Civic 1.8?

    Allion 1.8 vs Civic 1.8 Price: $80,000 vs $89,800 Power (bhp): 136 vs 140 Torque (Nm): 175 vs 174 Engine type: DOHC DVVTi vs SOHC i-VTEC Transmission: Super CVT-i vs 5-speed automatic FC (km/L): 17 vs 13.8 Wheelbase (mm): 2700 vs 2700 Kerb weight (kg): 1,220 vs 1227 Brakes (Front): Ventilated disc vs Ventilated disc Brakes (Rear): drum vs disc Dealer: PI vs AD please give your option and reason tks a lot (Spec data come from sgCarmart)
  11. Alfisti168

    Allion 1.5 vs Latio 1.5

    Both are 1.5 and runs with CVT. Same disc-front, drum-rear brake setup. Which car do you prefer?
  12. from the forum almost all Allion 1.5 owners declared their rides easily achive 17 to 18km/l in Singapore road condition if Allion 1.5 and vios share same engine, and Allion 1.5 body weight is much higher than vios, how come vios can't achive such better FC
  13. Hey bros, Allion's kerb weight is at 1475kg according to sgcarmart, this is significantly higher than axio's 1100kg. both using the same 1.5litre engine. does that mean that Allion's FC will be bad?
  14. Carmaniac

    Toyota Allion spotted

    I've never seen this car before until today, it certainly looks fierce with the resemblance of Honda Accord Went to sgcarmart to find more about the car and it looks decent
  15. Spiderman302

    Toyota Allion anybody ?

    Anybody tested Toyota Allion ? Interior look good.
  16. Just wanna to check the new model of Toyota Allion, the price is Rm56,999 is truth? Anyone know the answer?