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Found 12 results

  1. Now this is a new level of road bullying. Check out this new post from SG Road Vigilante where the camera car is being harassed by a Toyota Premio from Geylang all the way until the end of the Thomson Flyover on the PIE towards Jurong. The incident happened on 10th of June, 2020 and we all know that there can be no smoke without fire. Coming out from Lor 19 Geylang and merging into Geylang Rd, the camera car must have honked the offending Premio as the Premio appears to be stopping in the middle of a busy and messy four lane road for no reason. In the Premio driver's defence, he could have trying to pick up a passenger as the car is under the Private Hire scheme and can be seen using his hazards. Unfortunately for him, he chose to lose his temper when he was honked at by the camera car, a Toyota Noah/Esquire, which could very likely be another Private Hire vehicle rushing to pick up/drop off another passenger. As we can see, in the process of intimidating the white Toyota MPV camera car, the Premio driver drove through a red light along Geylang Rd. From the various submissions of video to the SGRV's page, the whole event only ended when both of them drove past the Thomson Flyover, with the Premio driver speeding off after wildly gesturing at the camera car. Naturally the comment sections were full of unkind words for the "ah beng" in the Premio... So do you think the Premio driver is in the wrong? Or is there another side to this story? Let us know in the comments below!
  2. created this thread for Toyota Premio & Allion owners to talk about it........me being diving my premio for two years already and everyday I m in love with it my baby
  3. Hi all, What is the difference between toyota premio & allion? Beside the tailight diff, i can't see any diff le. Engine spec and other feature same too right?
  4. Ngsehchoon

    Toyota Premio Gear Box Problem

    Hi Guys, Anybody have problem with your gear box? How much is the repair cost? Can anyone share your view? Regards Toyota Premio
  5. Ngsehchoon

    Toyota Premio Smart Entry Remote

    Hi All, Can someone advise where to duplicate or to buy smart entry remote for toyota premio??? As yesterday my car cannot start the engine at the bugis carpark. . Any bro had this problem before? Please HELP. Thanks aNt
  6. Thinking of changing my stock rotor & caliper to those 4pot performance caliper for my ride but some mechanic told me it will slower down my pickup. But saw some swift (1.3) no those sport type install it, still going around with it. Any Bro had try it on their allion/premio, can please advise. Thanks
  7. Yongtaufoo

    2010 Toyota Premio

    Hi guys, Check out the new Toyota Premio
  8. Hi Bro, Toyota Premio & Toyota Altis Which One Will You Chose. Please give your suggestion. Thanks Regards aNTHONy
  9. I'm hoping to locate the driver of a metallic beige Nissan Premio. He/she may be a witness to an accident at about 2.20pm, which happened on the PIE (towards Changi Airport), about 150m after the Kallang exit. Appreciate if you could PM me.
  10. Klchua

    Toyota Premio

    Any idea the difference between the Premio and Axio??? seem that Premio is better and bigger. engine used are the same. Pls comment as thinking of getting the Premio...Thanks
  11. Darth_mel

    Is 2nd hand Premio a good buy ?

    Any Premio owner/ex-owner/test-driver care to share ?
  12. Turbobrick

    Toyota Premio

    Corona's successor, nice! Guyver's next set of wheels?????