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Found 10 results

  1. Carnoob

    Using power bank with Car Cam

    Anyone had tried using power bank as the alternative power source when car engine is off? Just wondering as seen on website people selling car cam with power bank. Is it easier than to use car battery which you would need to wire the car cam? But would it be safer?
  2. ianest

    Marbella DashCam Users

    Hi guys, Marbella seems to be a up and coming dashcam brand in Singapore. Was looking for reviews on brand but found them in different threads on model specifics. So thought I start a brand thread so all can share their thoughts in one thread for easy ref. My ITB100SPW which have served me 5years (with battery changed in between) seems to be dying. I'm looking at Marbella KR8S / 6S but realised there are very limited reviews on Marbella dashcams. Read in forum they used to have video downloading issues but seems to have been resolved with new app in 2018. Read another user had recording time gap between video files. Wonder if other users experience this as well. Would love to hear your reviews for Marbella. Thanks for your contribution.
  3. Theoldjaffa

    Marbella KR5

    Starting a thread on this. Just installed this, good price and meets my basic criteria of recording clear enough videos without paying extra for features I don't need, like GPS, lane departure warning etc. Comes with screen and is very easy to configure. Has motion activated parking mode with auto cut off without requiring extra powermagic. All in all, I feel it's quite good value for money.
  4. So I been having intermittent issues with my dash cam over the last year, it finally seemed that the problem was the memory card. Now looking further into it, the issue at hand is that most memory cards aren't suitable for the 24/7 continous writing in surveillance/CCTV mode enabled dash cams. A typical 32GB card will hold maybe 2, maybe 4 to 5, hours worth of content which means that it is probably eating through its entire capacity's worth perhaps 2 or 3 times a day. Most common memory cards are built on a cheaper variety of memory chips called TLC NAND, which have relatively short write endurance of around 3,000~5,000 cycles, which apparently translates to about 150~300 total overwrites. Examples include be SanDisk Ultra cards... Then there's MLC and SLC NAND, which without going into working detail, get more endurance. Doing some simple math, 150 total overwrites, assuming the card does it twice a day, a cheap memory card could eat through its entire rated write endurance in less than a year! My older dashcam-used memory cards, even with formatting, cuck up the camera every few seconds now. Anyway, I notice now there are High Endurance for video surveillance memory cards by SanDisk, Lexar and Transcend, advertised to handle at least 2 years of continuous recording. I'm trying out the SanDisk card, will be interesting to see if it's still problem free after warranty is over. Anyone else tried those, or other brands of cards? I'd also like to get some more data from other users about how long their memory cards are lasting in cams.
  5. Any idea where to fix my cigarette charger in the west ? No power for my car cam .
  6. How do I trim the video take by DVR? Do I need to purchase any software? those free software got watermarks attached :(
  7. So_nice

    Video missing from memory card

    Today I removed my micro sd car from the dash cam wanting to retrieve some footages from few days ago and to my surprise it was not inside! It only has the footages from my drive this morning and several weeks/mths back. Is it something wrong with my camera, the settings or memory card? Pls advise. 😢
  8. Boonaldo

    Review on Garmin GDR 45

    Hi all, think my current Itronics car cam going to die on me.... Any review on this? Able to to conceal cabling? If yes, any recommended workshop? Thanks! http://www.garmin.com.sg/products/ontheroad/gdr45/
  9. Jellandross

    Car Battery Discharge Prevention

    i'm a car cam newbie and i've been reading up about the car cam's electrical consumption and it's effect on the car battery. apparently, car battery is built primarily for the purpose of producing a high burst of ampere for cold cranking. it is not designed to be frequently discharged to near or zero charge like in a mobile/laptop battery. doing so will shorten it's life span. the below article from dashcamtalk was very educational for me. i didn't know that setting the car cam power cut-off device to below 12.4V is not a good thing for the car battery. the technician who installed my car cam originally left the cut-off voltage at the default 11.8V as he said it'll give the longest operational time for the car cam. after reading the article, i changed the cut-off voltage to 12.2V which is the highest that the device can do. for you guys who's been using car cam for a long while, what cut-off voltage do you guys set to? do you notice any perceptible shortening of your battery life span for guys who set it below 12V?