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Found 4 results

  1. this will come in useful in boleh if attacked by robbers but hes dam lucky they had no knives or guns
  2. I am a regular visitor to a post office - over the yrs I have witness the number of new business taking place in the particular postal outlet, ranging from money lending to housing agent and selling of small items. Last week one of th postal clerk soft sell to me plastic containers which I turn down. At the sametime, another old uncle was offered some canned abalone. I was wondering who was thier smart Alex in implementing all this diversified marketing of goods which is no where even near to postal material or services. I wish they pay more attentions to training thier staff and try to provide more efficient services rather then encouraging thier postal clerks to soft sell products that got nothing to do with postal services.
  3. Clerk jailed for helping man deposit $1.2 m into her accounts Elena Chong Mon, Nov 12, 2007 The Straits Times A WOMAN was jailed for three months on Monday for helping a man deposit $1.2 million worth of cheques into her bank accounts. Sim Hwei Kian, 30, then withdrew $1.18 million and handed it over to 'Kevin' who had offered her $500 for each bank account opened and a further 0.5 per cent commission for each transaction. After one year, 'Kevin'' also promised to give her $10,000 when the accounts were to be closed. The Singapore Turf Club clerk, who was in financial trouble, agreed. She had earlier posted messages on the Internet seeking financial loans. Among the many replies she got was one from 'Kevin'. 'Kevin' had also informed her that the bank accounts were to receive 4D and soccer bet collections, but in fact, the money had been misappropriated. The four cheques had been cut from the cheque books of ConocoPhillips Asia Ventures and ConocoPhillips International and the signatures had been forged. Sim pleaded guilty to a charge under the Corruption, Drug Trafficking and Other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits) Act which carries a fine of up to $200,000 or a jail term of up to seven years, or both. On Sept 24, she deposited four cheques slotted under her door into her bank accounts. The total was $1.23 million. Over the next two days, she withdrew the money totalling $1.18 million over seven occasions. She bundled them into bags and placed them at a staircase landing for 'Kevin' to collect. On Sept 25, she withdrew $5,000 for her own use. This amount has been recovered. Her lawyer, Mr Satwant Singh, said Sim was not the mastermind nor did she benefit from the crime. Sim, who had failed her Primary School Leaving Examination twice, had never seen 'Kevin' at all. All she knew was that she was helping him with his illegal football bets.
  4. Hi MCF brothers, i've just met into an accident on saturday with a big lorry. i was on a normal 2 lane stretch at a steady pace when it suddenly swerved in and hit me very hard. obviously, the driver did not check his blind spot. I took many pictures and i thought i'll sure be able to claim from him. When i went to the authorized workshop today, i was given this advice. 1) if u decide to claim the lorry's insurance, most probably the investigator will call it a 50-50 cos its a sideway collision. and i'll have to bear near 1000 in cash if the repair is 2000. 2) if i claim my own insurance, i'll only lose 20% of my NCD which after calculating all, will amount to $400++ She advised me to choose option no. 2.... i told her... my case is strong. IT WAS OBVIOUSLY his fault. not mine. but she said... no choice, side ways collision. i really tink this is absurp. any advice?