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Found 6 results

  1. Not complaining but find this clown amusing... Modded ah beng car was tailgating me along Lentor Ave. After we made the turn at the junction in Yishun, I saw the LTA bike from far and I deliberately let him pass. As expected, he roared like a lion with smoke coming out of his exhaust. When he saw the LTA bike, he slowed down like a turtle and came to a full stop at another traffic light. I guess his balls shrunk and must be crossing his fingers with the LTA officer right beside him. After that, he stayed behind the LTA bike and quickly made a U turn and ran away like a Kitty. lol! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMYbiqQEo0I http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52nF2-LWQtk
  2. Pagani unveiled last year its new model, the strangely called Huayra. As we expect from Pagani, the car is extremely well conceived and also sounds beautifully. Here is a quick video of a Pagani Huayra at the Pagani factory and on the road. Can you feel the roar of the Pagani Huayra?
  3. Anyone heard abt this two brands. They are having 50% discount now but still very expensive. Anyone with experience with this oil. Currently I m on Amsoil 0W20 oil. The price of Roar is more $34/L after 50% discount More than twice of wat I am paying now.
  4. Croatia demolished by a rejuvenated attacking England team.. Hopefully, this won't be a blink in their form..
  5. This is the prob. Not again. Always have prob every quarter of the yr. Bought the car on 3rd feb 05. She never failed to fail me or perhaps the servicing. How sour can ths lemon be. I have had prob with my Optra(auto)since last week. Thought it was one off. But the same thing happened this morning.Both incidences happened after i wash my car and left it there for at least 5 to 6 hrs before i on the engine. Engine was never on before washing. Just usual washing, no splashing of water into the engine compartment. The 1st incidence was last sat when i started the engine.It roared for about 5 sec like an diedel powered car and reverted to the norm. Well thought that was one off Samething happened this morning. I washed her yesterday just as what i have done when i gave a her a good shower. The engine roared not only louder for about 5 sec, the RPM automotically rose to 1500 and hovered there for 10sec before lowering to slightly less than 1000RPM. Can smell unburnt fuel too.! My wife and i thought someone literally changed our engine to a diesel powered one. Any bro had similar occurence to their optra (auto)? i have previously Changed my throttle body twice and i hope this is not the 3rd time. The previous change was due to the following: 1) Just after my 1k servicing, engine stalled twice and i got it changed. Barely a mth 2) 5 days before my wedding on 6th feb 06, the RPM rose between 2.5 to 3 after i just started the engine from cool. RPM remains and self throttle up and down even before i sat into the car. For a moment i thought "something" was in my car. Same thing, unburnt fuel fouled the air and vehicle could not start momentarily after stepping on the accelerator. Only started moving after sec of delay. On the road, she max at 70km/hr and RPM remians at 3000. Everytime the car start from static, she just can't move until sec later.The engine seemed to roar and panting hard for air. Finally i reached starsauto UBI and got it fixed within a day. How worse can this be. From the unburnt fuel smell this morning, i just can't help to think the throttle body kapoot again! i used SPC 95 and milage only 17800km.
  6. Soya

    No Kallang Roar

    haiz...the sad state of motorsports in SG becoming even sadder. [/color] No Kallang Roar' as carpark rallies get stuck in neutral But group lining up 14 events this year and lobbying for new street circuit Christopher Tan - 10 January 2005 The Straits Times. ANOTHER version of the Kallang Roar has been silenced. Carpark rallies, the only form of legal motor racing here, have been stuck in neutral for more than a year now - the last major rally was held at the end of 2003. When contacted, the Singapore Motor Sports Association (SMSA) indicated that a change in approval procedures by the authorities, as well as a dip in sponsorship, had sidelined such events. Said the association's president, Mr Matthew Lee: 'Last year, we were close to finalising the annual Falken Rally, and the sponsor, Stamford Tyres, was all ready to go.' That's when the association learnt of the change in approval procedures. It was told by the Bedok police division - where permits are usually sought and given - that all motor sports matters would now be handled by the Traffic Police. 'We were prepared to try the new avenue, but we were not sure that permission would be given. So we called the event off,' Mr Lee said. But he is hopeful that the sound of engines roaring will fill the carparks in Kallang once again this year. 'The police have asked us to submit our calendar of events for this year for them to consider,' he said, adding that the association has lined up 14 events, two of which are full-fledged car rallies. In addition, it has been lobbying for a new street circuit, possibly in Marina South, to be set up. Such a venture will be a low-cost attempt at making Singapore another venue for regional races such as the Japan GT Championship, the Asian Formula BMW championship or the Asian Touring Car series. Proponents also say such a move would be a safer alternative to illegal races currently held in various locations in the dead of night. Carpark rallies have been the only legal outlet for local race enthusiasts since the Singapore Grand Prix ended its 12-year run in 1973. The race, which drew international drivers and spawned homegrown aces like Chong Boon Seng, Albert Poon and Anne Wong, was held on a street circuit in Upper Thomson. Besides rallies, which pit cars and drivers against each other in a competition of speed and agility, 'auto tests' and motorcycle events have been held at the Kallang carparks. The former focus on handling skills, rather than raw power.