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  1. letting go of my plates SKM190K lesser than SKM190K...drop me a message @ 97383771
  2. Observer

    Another US shooting incident

    maybe..but i watch a lot tv documentary...like got different gangs...hope they put him right gang...if not sure hong gan...
  3. Observer

    Another US shooting incident

    go in will kenna loot ka chng?
  4. Observer

    First Drug trafficker to escape death

    actually, from another pov, those young kids doing trafficking, are we sure its not against their will? And seriously, what are the chances of getting caught by agency officers? out of 100 people bring in, i dont think 100 get caught..what about those containers coming in from pasir panjang etc? food for thot
  5. Observer

    Jamie Yeo separated from AMDK hubby

    at the age of 37, she is soooo hoooooot
  6. Observer

    More use luxury cars to smuggle contraband cigarettes

    how many cartons can the aventador keep? sedan will of course be used la....duh question right
  7. Observer

    CX7 / RAV4 / Murano / CRV

    yes the sluggish acceleration lol i will choose ur gti u tutukueh lol
  8. Observer

    CX7 / RAV4 / Murano / CRV

    murano is like a jacked up latio sport.
  9. Observer

    Holidaying Back, pls pay GST

    the customs officers have every right to search their home. and also, smoe ppl just keep haolian want to show off online and some even resell...not difficult to fish out all these information,
  10. anyway to me, it has to be rooney for now because none of them knows old trafford in and out like he does. most imptly, we as outsiders will never know what is happening behind the scenes isnt it? lvg for sure has his reasons to pput him as captain...
  11. i see replay so many times but cant see much also...for linesman even worse lo....probably giving manu the benefit of doubt since its at old traford
  12. Observer

    Citibank to shake-up car loans?

    If not those credit companies lo haah
  13. actually second goal got offside? if rvp never touch then no offisde also 'our defence injury woes definitely better now but their teamwork still lacking...got jones n evans back liao...hope w more matches they can be better ba
  14. Observer

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Videos

    not sure. dropped him a pm on fb to this link alr. he works around woodlands alr. sure sure...but ask them do before all kenna coe-d
  15. Observer

    Workshop kena vandalized

    kenna mark lor...i mean the opposite showromo why never kenna? that one also many supercars... but regardless what, the vandal should tio hoot la...knn workshop problem u hoot other ppl car..bo ho seh the car owners got connection whack the person one time good one before police catch..