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Found 3 results

  1. Pocus

    Godzilla. 2014 movie

    Anyone catching this Kaiju movie on Friday? I got hyped up by my friends on this. The new Godzilla is by far the largest compared to it's Japanese and 1998 US counterparts, towering over 120 meters. This round we get hints that it's battling a second "cloverfield-like" monster. The tone of this movie is also different from the light-hearted anime feel of "Pacific Rim" or it's campy 1998 incarniate and set in a darker and gritty tone. So far the previews have been pretty positive, while most reviewers commented on the good builtup, they complained that they can't get enough screentime of the King of Monsters himself! LOL! This will be the second time Hollywood is taking a shot on the iconic monster. The 1st US version in 1998 (shown in Ch5 yesterday evening) was a disaster for both the box office and for the Godzilla fans/franchise. The monster in the 1998 Godzilla resembles more like a giant T-Rex than the tail dragging walking monster that we all knew. Moreoever the monster is weak and easily killed by missiles and did not have laser breath. The campy storyline and plothole angered many fans who see it as a lame copy from "Jurrasic Park". The sh*t hits the fan when the movie reaches the scene were "baby Godzilla" overrun the threater. The suit actor of the japanese Godzilla was so angry by the movie that he walked out of the hollywood premiere half-way. "That's not Godzilla" he said. Even "Toho" the Japanese company that own the "Godzilla" rights announced that they rename the monster "Zilla" and removing the "God" from the monster. The 1998 monster was a running gag in many Japanese Godzilla movies. Not anymore! This movie set to make things Right this time. This new Godzilla will be the same tail-dragging monsters than we all know and love!
  2. chitchatboy

    Godzilla bites off more than it can chew

    To drum up sales of its 500L in the states, Fiat teamed up with the people's favourite big monster, the Godzilla, to come up with this interesting ad. Timed well with the release of the upcoming Godzilla movie (which opens on 15th May) we say. Instead of telling you what is going to happen in the advertisement, watch for yourselves how the Fiat 500L might just be the safest car to be in if Godzilla does ever attack. http://dai.ly/x1tfvuf_godzilla-official-fiat-family-featuring-the-500l-new-tv-commercial-hd_auto