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Found 13 results

  1. Hamburger

    re upholstering of sofa

    anyone tried this on their sofa?? Price and worthwhile? provided the sofa is still in good condition except for some tear and dryness. And also, like car, change colour to have a bit of new taste
  2. dear fellow bros, i would like to find out from u guys tat if those van installed with sofa seats behind, do they nid to b dismantled during inspectation? thanks bro and happy new yr to you guys out there
  3. Hi guys, My Sofa cui until cannot cui already. But i am quite clueless in where to get good design sofa. Mid range ones will do. Besides those IMM furniture mall anyone here got recommendations?
  4. Wpower

    Sofa leather

    any factory to recommend to reupholster ?
  5. Louisckp

    PVC leather fabric for sofa

    hi, anyone know where to buy sheets of fake leather fabric? i need to buy some to repair my sofa which is torn due to dog sratching. i know there is one in motorcycle seat business but i guess they need the stock so properly mark up the price.
  6. Discoburg


    Am looking to replace my current sofa. Yesterday I chanced upon King Koil sofas displayed at the event square in Marina Square. Price is fairly cheap and looks is almost like what I have now. Wonder how is the quality of this brand of sofa. Anyone have any review of it or heard any good or bad review of this brand of sofa?
  7. Hi all, need some advise... I have a L shape Lorenzo sofa set. Its 6 yrs old. it has tears on the leather My dilemma????? should i replace the sofa or re-upholster it? pls advise
  8. Bluepica

    Sofa cover replacement

    Anyone know where I can tailor make my sofa cover? My did promised IKEA sofa cover can be changed but they don't sell it anymore... Online selling about USD 300 per set... It's the old Nikkala sofa but the material is still very good though have been using it for past 10years. Wonder if local tailor made will be cheaper... Two seater only
  9. WTS: Black single seat sofa (3 months old) 1) Sofa bought in late July 2011. 2) No smell, no torn and brand new leather in good condition. 3) Bought on impulse, now sofa is sitting away. 4) Buyer to arrange for own transport + trolley. 5) Bought at $300, selling $180 (My loss is your gain) 6) No low ballers, pls look elsewhere. 7) PM me to arrange for purchase.
  10. Find it hard to find any sofa leather cleaner except for leather cleaners meant for cars. Can they be used for sofa as well?
  11. Fcw75

    Anyone been to Sofa King?

    Got this from another forum, so has anyone been there yet?
  12. Sash1401

    Sofa seats in vans

    hi fellow bro, the no of vans with sofa seats at the back of the van is increasing... so i was wondering if the seats are actually legal and if not, wat's the penalty after being caught... most the vans at the bk haf a sticker of 5 pax at the back, so does dis means the sofa seats are legal?
  13. Kc77

    Bean Bag Sofa

    Hi all, Does anybody know where can I buy a big bean bag sofa? My budget is around S$200. Thanks....