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Found 13 results

  1. Milgram

    Toyota Yaris vs Vitz vs Echo

    Hey all, just wanted to point out the difference between the Yaris, Vitz and Echo. Unless I'm mistaken, the differences are as follow: The Yaris is made in Thailand (parts from Japan, assembled in Thailand) and comes in 1.5L. It is based on the Vitz platform. The Vitz is made in Japan and is brought in by parallel importers only. It comes in 1.0L and 1.3L only. However, sportier versions of the Vitz come in 1.5L. The Echo, I believe, is the earlier version (earlier generation) of the Vitz.
  2. Kueijie

    Which car is better?

    Hi guys, I'm looking ard to replace my current ride. 2 options i'm considering now, need some "expert" opinion. lol 1) Apr 2006 Toyota Vitz 1.0A 78,000km due to OPC $23,800 to convert to normal plate 2) Oct 2005 Mazda 2 1.5A 79,000km $18,800 I would like to understand, which have better FC and would have better chance to last me till 10th year. Quite interested in the Toyota Vitz, but kind of worry abt the accerlation/horse/drag power if i got full passengers on board.
  3. chitchatboy

    Toyota's Vitz gets Gazoo Racing's treatment

    Mention the words 'small fun hatches for the driving enthusiast' and you will usually hear the words Swift Sport in reply. This may not be the case soon as 2013 has seen quite a few new arrivals like Renault's Clio RS 200 Turbo and Ford's Fiesta ST. A new addition to this group is Toyota with its new Vitz GRMN Turbo. The Vitz is actually Japan's version of the Yaris hatchback, which actually just arrived on our shores. GRMN stands for Gazoo Racing Meister of Nurburgring and they are Toyota's racing partner. The Vitz GRMN Turbo churns out 150hp and 206Nm of torque from its 1.5-litre turbocharged in-line four and this non-turbocharged version of the engine actually comes from the Vios. Mated to this engine is five-speed manual transmission with well-placed alloy foot pedals to allow for quick shifting. No official figures were given but we reckon it will blitz the century mark in well under 9 seconds. With a low kerbweight of 1,070kg, it should be able to walk away from a Swift Sport easily. To keep the car under control, Gazoo Racing added a larger four-pot caliper brake system and recalibrated the suspension to make it sportier. Larger 17-inch rims round up the chassis dynamic upgrades. The racy theme follows into the car with the standard Vitz seats giving way to snug, Alcantara-lined racing seats and a cool-looking metallic instrument cluster. Even the audio system has been removed to keep the weight down. Here's the bad news. Production is limited to just 200 units and out of the 200 units, we will be receiving erm.. zero.
  4. RchLuvSlly

    Do you own a Toyota? Get ready for a recall

    It seems that neither is there a perfect automaker or a perfect car. As the saying goes, "Nobody is perfect". You see, even such a huge and highly reputable automaker as Toyota can sometime overlook things while manufacturing its cars. The Japanese automaker has made an announcement in which it states its plan to recall 185,000 cars in total globally. Yes, that means that some of the Toyota cars on our shores will be affected by the recall as well. The recall is said to involve the Toyota Yaris (also known as the Vitz in some regions) from the 2010 to 2012 model years. In addition to those, the Ractis and Verso-S from the 2010 to 2011 model years will also be recalled. It is said that this global recall is due to a power steering failure. Toyota mentions that in case water happens to reach the inside of the power steering module, a short circuit could take place and the power steering will fail, forcing the driver to give more efforts while trying to turn the steering wheel. The Japanese automaker also mentions that when the failure emerges, the cars in question will switch on the Electronic Power Steering warning indicator as well as give out a buzzing sound. The recall affects 130,000 Toyota cars in Japan itself, 22,450 cars in Europe, 74 cars in the U.S., and the remaining 32476 cars in other parts of the world. So, if you own a Toyota, prepare yourself for the recall as the Japanese automaker will mail you (besides other Toyota owners, of course) and your dealer will be more than happy (well, they should, anyway) to replace your power steering module. While most automakers will normally recall their cars due to some safety issues, it's nice to see that Toyota recalls its cars due to some issues that are more likely comfort-oriented, as a power steering system is not absolutely needed to drive a car. You see, in the old days, cars didn't have this particular feature at all. But of course, most of us will feel like something's missing if we drive a car without a power steering feature these days.
  5. BoneStock

    New Yaris/Vitz

    Looks quite nice from the pics. Seems to be slightly bigger than the current model. Finally the instrument panel is moved to the right!!! Could this be the same for the new Vios/Belta? http://sports-car-collection.com/tag/2012-toyota-vitzyaris/
  6. Launched today in Japan. Finally more players in this category... PI should be able to bring real soon. A real challenger to Mitsubishi Colt Version-R: Engine model: 1NZ-FE(1.5 VVT-i) Type: Inlilne 4 DOHC Fuel: Unleaded Capacity: 1,496cc Bore x Stroke: 75.0x84.7 Compression: 10.5 Power PS(bhp)/r.p.m.: 110(150)/6,000 Torque Nm(kgm)/r.p.m.: 196(20.0)/4,800
  7. Hi guys, anyone can give me advice on this? which PI is recommended? What are the prices like? Seems like a cool and cute car.
  8. Guys, post ur 'wife' details here... Etc: How much and how long did u wait b4 gettin ur car. The F/C and maintances, roadtaxes kinda of stuff... Any pros and cons? Hows the before and after services for ur dealer? Pls chip in any info if you think its constructive to this post(for the newbies)... Thanks, man...
  9. Toyota Vitz is currently the best-selling car in Japan for 4 straight months according to Japan Today: http://www.japantoday.com/e/?content=news&cat=3&id=339463 Anyone knows which PI has this model?
  10. Peewee

    Toyota VItz Rs

    Any idea if this new car make it to our shore? Seems like a new generation of the good old starlet with quite good specs compared to the next generation Gtti YRVs. So far din see any on our roads yet, wonder anyone importing it.
  11. Tarmac

    Toyota Vitz 1.5 RS Turbo

    Finally the Toyota Vitz 1.5 RS Turbo is on sale in Singapore at $98K