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Fifth Gear is making a return

By Faiming_low on 15 Jun 2018 in Other News

Attached Image Tiff Needell has taken to Twitter to announce the program is making a return. Fifth Gear was last aired around two years ago.


Mazda MX-5 gets upgraded engine

By Faiming_low on 14 Jun 2018 in New model

Attached Image Mazda has announced specifications for the newly-enhanced MX-5. The naturally-aspirated engine will now get '15 percent or more' horsepower.


Tesla Roadster will use rocket thrusters

By Faiming_low on 13 Jun 2018 in New model, New technology

Attached Image After the new Roadster was unveiled last year, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, mentioned that it might use rocket technology and we thought he was just joking...


Almost a quarter of Tesla Model 3's reservation orders cancelled

By Faiming_low on 13 Jun 2018 in New model

Attached Image When the entry-level Model 3's order books opened in April 2016, many Tesla fans went and put deposits for for the all-electric car. However, many have given up since up.
tesla, model 3, tesla model 3


This is how the BMW Z4 will look like

By Faiming_low on 12 Jun 2018 in New model

Attached Image Some patent images of the BMW Z4 Roadster have surfaced online and we can now clearly see how the all new Z4 looks like.


Aston Martin reckons mass-market brands could face extinction

By Faiming_low on 12 Jun 2018 in Other News

Attached Image Aston Martin's head Andy Palmer, reckons that the mass-market car manufacturers will face extinction if they don't change their strategies.
aston martin, mass-market, aston and 1 more...


Nissan reported to cancel development of diesels

By Faiming_low on 12 Jun 2018 in Uncategorized, Other News

Attached Image As diesels are starting to get banned by governments all around the world for emissions issues, Nissan is said to have stopped the development of diesel engines.
nissan, diesels, diesel, engine


Eight of the most useless 'performance' mods

By Deeq on 11 Jun 2018 in Other News

Attached Image Many car mods claim to increase your horsepower and make you the next Brian O'Conner, but how do you know which ones are legit? Here are eight you shouldn't get.

Thanks to our ridiculous car mod regulations, we're pretty limited when it comes to performance enhancement. Some promise to have you tackling corners like a bat out of hell, while others claim to add enough horsepower for you to take on an F-15. So how do you know which claims are legit, and which ones are just full of it? Here are eight of the most useless 'performance' mods that provide more bark than bite.
useless, performance, mods and 2 more...


5 of the Coolest Hipster Cars

By SGCM_editorial on 06 Jun 2018 in Motoring, Discussions

Attached Image We have searched the internet and found a couple of the coolest cars that we would love to have in our garage. Cars that we can be proud to own because of how unique they are.
roadster, hipster, skoda and 4 more...


Bumblebee to have his own movie in Transformers Franchise

By SGCM_editorial on 06 Jun 2018 in Other News, Videos

Attached Image Paramount Pictures had is taking a step away from the regular installment initially named as Transformers 7 to something that we would have least expected; Bumblebee.
transformers, movie, bumblebee and 1 more...


Apple CarPlay to allow for Waze and Google Maps at last

By Faiming_low on 05 Jun 2018 in New technology

Attached Image If you are an Apple CarPlay user, you would probably know that the Operation System does not allow the use of navigation app alternatives such as Google Maps or Waze. Thankfully that is about to change.


Andy Wallace explains the engineering secrets of the Bugatti Chiron

By Faiming_low on 04 Jun 2018 in Videos

Attached Image As an engineering marvel, the Bugatti Chiron is probably ranked somewhere at the top. So how does it achieve those impressive power and top speed numbers?


Ferrari 250 GTO sold for record-breaking price

By Faiming_low on 03 Jun 2018

Attached Image A Ferrari 250 GTO has exchanged hands for a record-breaking price of S$108 million to WeatherTech's Chief Executive.


New Alfa Romeo GTV and 8C confirmed

By Faiming_low on 02 Jun 2018 in New model

Attached Image Alfa Romeo has announced its future plans at a conference recently and we are happy to share that its GTV and 8C are making a comeback.


Janis Baumanis answers some questions about the Mustang

By Faiming_low on 01 Jun 2018 in Videos

Attached Image Think you know a lot about the Ford Mustang? Watch the video and see if you know the answers to all these questions!


New Suzuki Jimny spied in Japan

By Faiming_low on 31 May 2018

Attached Image Suzuki's new small SUV, the Jimny, has been spied in Japan. With almost no camouflage, the car looks ready for sale.


8 Newbie driving mistakes p-plate drivers make

By Deeq on 31 May 2018 in Motoring

Attached Image Your shiny new Class 3 (or Class 3A, we won't judge) driving licence just arrived in the mail, you're ready to tear up the tarmac and burn some rubber. Not so fast, Schumacher. Passing your Traffic Police test is only the beginning.

Clearing some obstacles in a circuit under the supervision of an instructor doesn't do much to prepare you for real world driving, which entails many unspoken rules of the road and requires a level of street savvy that only comes with experience.

That said, we've compiled some of the most common mistakes that newbie (and even some experienced) drivers make and how you can avoid them.
p-plate, driving mistakes and 3 more...


Nissan's Pitch-R can draw soccer pitches

By Faiming_low on 30 May 2018 in New technology, Other News

Attached Image Need a temporary soccer pitch? Nissan's new autonomous robot, Pitch-R can draw one up for a 11-a-side team game when there is enough room for it to do so.


Proton crashes into Porsche GT3 RS in Malaysia

By Faiming_low on 30 May 2018 in Other News

Attached Image A Proton has been caught on someone's dashcam driving recklessly and crashing into a Porsche GT3 RS in Malaysia.
porsche, proton, gt3, gt3 rs and 3 more...


Honda refreshes S660 with Modulo X variant

Attached Image Honda has refreshed its kei-class sized roadster, the S660 with a new sportier variant, dubbed the S660 Modulo X.

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