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Posted 22 September 2016 - 06:48 PM

  • Wishcumstrue
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Auto-GCAS Saves Unconscious F-16 Pilot - Declassified USAF Footage 2016
  1. Pilot was in an standard ACM exercise.
  2. Video started before pilot execute hard left turn from 2.5G
  3. HUD shows max out at 8.4G
  4. Can hear pilot grunting as he fought the G force.
  5. Pilot lost consciousness.
  6. Plane rapidly descended from +17k ft to 11k ft in under 12 sec doing over 600kt ( +1200kph)
  7. Other jets radioed (almost screaming) the unconscious pilot to recover.
  8. Diving plane passed 11,000 ft alt triggering the GCAS.
  9. Auto recover triggered with audio and visual pull up command on HUD.
  10. Plane bottomed out at below 4500 ft alt (1.3km) recovery over 9G.
  11. Plane stabilised after climbing back to over 11,000 ft
  12. Exercise ceased with "knock it off" call out.




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