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3 hours ago, Shouyi said:

Anyone on Petlas tyres, esp Velox Sport PT741 ? Feedback appreciated. Thanks. 




If you are not a private hire or your car is only left less than 6 months to scape, I will suggest you to go with more renowned tyres brand like goodyear, Pirelli or bridgestone.

After all, there is an old saying that says the only thing that has contact between your car and the road is the tyres. Don't scrimp that little saving without buying some assurance. 

It is like buying insurance. Nobody needs to buy insurance but everyone buys because of assurance. So choose good tyres and when you really brake hard and wanna avoid an accident, there are vast differences between these tyres.

And when you are familiar with your car, the next best thing that you can upgrade is your tyre, it helps with the characteristic of your car, so if you are an enthusiast, don't save on tyres

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10 hours ago, ER-3682 said:

Petlas Tyres are from Turkey,i heard my Doctor Friend using it,quite Good,cheaper than Bridgestone.

Petlas has received positive reviews from 2 of my friends. And they are not the kind that uses Touradors/Nankang/Thunderer etc  !!! 😄

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