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Found 15 results

  1. Icebrush79

    Driving to JayBee

    Hi guys, Sorry, did a search but nothing came up... Will be driving to JB to do some shopping and makaning. Will be with my gf instead of a convoy and its the first time i'm not following a convoy. Sounds a little silly but would need some advise. The last time I drove in, was driving a SUV, entering from the 2nd link. Will be going from woodlands this time and im concerned cuz I noticed the humps are damn high and ridiculous at customs and the booth pathway is damn narrow (reminds me of the L circuits at driving schools, maybe worse) Are these road hazards worse at woodlands? Any other sound advise? Thanks, much appreciated
  2. Sg Car badly smashed in JB http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...#commentSection
  3. Hi guys Was thinking of sending my FD4 for 60K servicing in JB , any good recommendations of workshop ? Best is near holiday plaza or pelangi Thanks
  4. RON95 RM1.75 => RM1.80 RON97 RM1.80 => RM2.05 No mention of V-power price though... Anyway, still cheap by comparison. Hmmm... Does that mean cartel here will take the opportunity to increase too? Starting from midnight tonight... http://mt.m2day.org/2008/content/view/26304/84/ What a day to increase price. On National Day....
  5. Achtung

    Operasi ala Jaybee

    Yesterday, after attending a pal's wedding and bouts of drinking that ensued, I hopped into my friend's car and headed back to SG at 2.30 am. After the JB Immigration and as we were driving out, a group of cops were stationed after the old JB immigration booths and before the bridge to SG. They seemed to target only SG cars esp those that are bling or looked to be high performance. The ITR in front os us were stopped. Followed by us..... my friend is a Malaysian but driving an SG vehicle as he works in SG. Opened window and asked him WTF he wants. He said... nombor plate fanciful. We were bewildered. He asked for driving license. My friend deliberately gave him his Msia license. Shocked, he asked if he is Malaysian or Singaporean! Answered him... Malaysian. He kept mumbling like a lost sheep repeatedly... Your nombor plate fanciful, how? Kept asking at least 3 times. I guess they wanted $$. We spoke in hokkien and laughed and let him be. He played for time and kept circling our vehicle. Lan lan, he issued us a hopeless piece of summon. Cant even get the address right nor the NRIC #. What a waste of time. Saw a couple of WRX being stopped too. In such situations, I would not pay them too. Lazy pigs.
  6. Ytd night i was in in my usual trip for food, petrol and car wash. well.. while waiting for my car to be wash clean at my usual car wash opposite New York Hotel. my usual practice will be sitting by the side taking a fag or chatting with my ger ger. As we were engrossed in our conversation, we heard a loud bang! like something like a motor vehicle crashing down or crashing onto something. insticts kick in, we turn round and check out wad happen. jus as we turn we saw this motorcyclist trying to pick himself up. we could sense his urgency that very moment. split seconds later. a big chinese man, rush forward trying to grab this cyclist. it was kinda exciting, but too bad the incident happened quite a distance away if not i prolly would try and grab this cyclist too. in the end the cyclist managed to hop on the bike and ride off, leaving the burly man behind, still trying to chase the motor. best thing is lucky the bag that the cyclist tried to grab was being retreive, i guess nothing is being lost. just shock and disbelief by the victim. paiseh my england not very good. but bottom line is, when u guys go in please practice being safe. esp your wives/gfs handbag. leave it in the boot if needed. dont take it out and flaunt it even if u're carrying gucci, LVs or even bags bought from pasar malam. normally i tell my gf to just bring her hp and stuff 10bucks in her pocket if she has one. always leave it in the boot, initially she dont believe me and protested everytime i insisted to stuff her handbag in the boot. after witnessing ytd's incident guess wad she told me "i scared liao, now i know why u keep nagging at me to keep my bag. next time i guai guai keep in the boot liao."
  7. Read today's ST that many MY petrol kiosk running out of petrol as the operator fear of another round of reducing fuel price. Are we expecting another 10 sens (or even more) fuel price reduction in MY?
  8. Malaysia petrol will drop 15 sen from RM2.70/L to RM2.55/L for RON97. W.E.F 23/8/08
  9. MY gahmen is looking into reducing petrol price again in a few days time... HOH SEH LIAO
  10. Has the recent lowering of the local pump prices made you think twice about "braving" the jam across the causeway for petrol?
  11. Anyone knows what's the octane rating for the above? How about Synergy F1? Just got back from Jaybee and this is my virgin pump of Synergy regular but suddenly I thought, what's the octane level for it?
  12. Fellas..esp those SJP(support Jaybee Petrol) bros.. Me and bro Rickster will be going into JayBee to pump petrol. As a (insert word here ) to the cartels. Date: 19 Apr 2008, Saturday Time: 2100hrs meet. 2130hrs set off. Meeting Location: Caltex station on Woodlands Road AFTER Stagmont Ring Pumping location: Shell along jalan Wong Ah Fook, JB Interest check..who is interested to join us? go in numbers safer..and those that nv go in b4 can know where to pump.. 1) Shull 2) Rickster DISCLAIMER: i will not be responsible if anything happened in JB. Please be street smart.
  13. Hi All, In view of the rising petrol cost in singapore, i am thinking of going to jaybee to pump petrol instead since i am staying in Marsiling (less than 2 km away ). However, the safety is a concern to me and i am looking to form a weekly JB petrol tour on a weekly basis as it will be safer together in a group rather me alone going there. Anyone interested to go together? p/s: if you are not interested, please do not post negative comments.
  14. Something definitely to take note off... Especially for those who always go JB or Malaysia For Your Info ..... BEWARE AS TO WHERE YOU PARK YOUR CAR NEXT - IN MALAYSIA! This actually happened to a Man not a woman recently in KL Imagine: You walk across the parking lot, unlock your car and get inside. Then you lock the doors, start the engine and shift to Reverse. Then you look into the rear mirror to back out and you notice a piece of paper stuck to the middle of the rear window screen that is obstructing your view. So you shift the gear to Park, unlock your door and jump out to remove that silly piece of paper (or whatever it may be) When you reach the back of your car, that is when the surprise begins! The Car-Jacker appears out of nowhere, jumps into your car and takes off!! Your engine is still running, your belongings are all in the car, including whatever you may have bought from you shopping trip. They will mow you down as they take off if you so much as try to stop them. BE AWARE OF THIS NEW SCHEME THAT IS NOW BEING USED. Just drive away and remove the paper that is stuck to you rear window LATER, and be thankful that you read this email. I hope you will forward this to your friends and family members. Imagine if your purse is inside the car. They then will have your IC, credit cards, home address and maybe your house keys! Good Luck.
  15. Ahbengdriver

    Jaybee got flood or not?

    Tomolo Shio-Dee is going to JayBee again to establish relationship with the MTP . Chia-Merng now JB got any flood anywhere or not. kam sia kock we